Weekly Goals July 4-11

Hooray, I have finally got my priorities tweaked and knew that I had to start making my goals!  Some people are able to make monthly goals- however, I need to have them weekly.  I find I get away from them too easily if I have a whole month…it is a weird mind game I play with myself!

So here it goes, my first set of goals while living in Germany!


Run at least 3 times this week!  Go for 20 minutes each time (easing  back into it).  For the 3rd run aim for 24 minutes!

Complete 2 yoga workouts

Complete 1 pilates workout

Complete 1 Shred OR a toning workout of my own


Allow for a few indulgences on 4th of July.  If I completely restrict, I am setting myself up to binge (just being honest).  So it is simple: If you want a treat have it.

Get back to healthy, natural foods for meals and baking.

Aim to have clean eats with treats thrown in as extras.

Make a new item for dinner at least once

Track food and how it is making my belly feel (prep for doctor appt. on the 15th)


Take 1 hour everyday for my exercise, and mental quiet time.  Usually this would come in the morning when Gavin has a nap.  Read, relax, run, yoga, pilates, baking….just take this time and make it my own without interruption (that I can avoid).

Write in a journal EVERY NIGHT to get out anything that is stressing, bothering or causing anxiety.  Review those stressors and come up with ways to help ease them!

If I need help, ask for it and receive help that is offered.  If I feel like I need to go for a walk on my own, I am going to enlist the help of a neighbor and then offer the same help in return.  If I am feeling like I need help around the house, I will ask Eric to give me a hand.  I will try to stop being in control of everything and just ease up on how much I am putting on my plate!

Do two things that I wouldn’t normally do with the boys.  I always get wrapped up in them getting too dirty or making a mess.  We have been getting past that slowly but surely.  This is something I have been doing the past couple of weeks (painting boxes without restrictions or rules, throwing our packing materials around to make fun climbing piles, messing in the dirt, etc.)


I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to posting these goals on my fridge and keeping to them!!! 

Happy Monday!


One response to “Weekly Goals July 4-11

  1. Love the idea with weekly goals. And also the goal to do something new with the boys. I need to have a goal like that with Makenzie.

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