Tennis Tournament, Running, Eats, and living German!

So today I woke up (and slept in) feeling pretty good despite having some belly troubles throughout the night!  I was well rested, the sun was shining and Eric informed me that we were hitting up the Tennis Tournament in our village because our neighbor asked him to be his partner!  Our neighbor is seriously the most kind man, he reminds me of my Dad!  The whole family is amazing and they are my lifeline out here since they know everyone!  Through them we are meeting other people, finding walking paths, learning about our area, getting James some tennis, futbol and German lessons, AND we are getting more comfortable in our new country!

P1010067 (640x425)

We hiked it up the huge hill to the Tennis Courts by our home and got to see Eric play in his first match.  They lost that one, but it is all in good fun!  We enjoyed some salad in the shade and I also enjoyed my granny smith with DCD PB for dipping.  Gavin was getting a little cranky after all of the playing and french fries, so I brought him home for a nap and took the opportunity of quiet to go for a nice run on the treadmill!  I got to get some cleaning and laundry done before heading back up for the second half of the day!  We were just in time to see Eric’s last match (apparently, he had three and not two games to play), Gavin enjoyed clapping and cheering on his Daddy.  We then enjoyed some homemade German cake…these cakes are like something you would see at a professional bakery…unbelievable!  Also unbelievable is that I did not have the camera when I got a piece, which means I have no photo.  Don’t be fooled though, this cake was so amazing I could have cried! 

P1010050 (640x425)

P1010049 (425x640)

P1010051 (425x640)

We then met some other neighbors: An American in the Reserves, his German wife and their cute little boy (they actually live right across the street), a fellow Canadian whose son comes to play with James, and countless others who were more than caring and patient with my not so perfect German speaking skills!  It was a great time to meet the people in my village and make some nice connections!  I left feeling so glad I had made some friends and now feel even more comfortable in my new home and neighborhood! 

P1010054 (425x640)

P1010058 (640x480)

P1010060 (640x480)

P1010061 (480x640)

We had a great time and stayed the whole day and well into the evening!  I came home to look up some recipes and make a good healthy meal plan for the week, as well as a plan to make up some granola, homemade tomato sauce, homemade salsa, and a new recipe.  I love lemon poppy seed loaf…so much that I would avoid Starbucks because I knew if I went in (instead of drive-thru) I would cave and eat one many pieces of their delicious loaf!  So what if I could create a healthy alternative?  My idea will be put into action tomorrow once I get a few ingredients.  The plan is to make Lemon Poppy Seed Overnight Oats….this is an exciting prospect for me!!!


I need to rest up in order to be energized for my kitchen creations tomorrow, and for a nice afternoon trip to the theater for the boys to enjoy some Cars 2 action!  I am going to take the day off from running and then do some Yoga meltdown in the evening after a nice neighborhood walk!

 How are you spending your long weekend?


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