Back to Basics

I am spending the next day re-reading some of the posts that meant the most to me, both on my own blog and on some of my other favorites!  While getting through the stress and finally being able to start running again (resorted to getting a treadmill), I am taking things WAY back to basics to help me re-gain control!

Since our move I have gained about 5 pounds of stress…5 pounds of: not running because I have no way to run with my two kids, not getting enough rest without interrupted sleep from worrying, feeling overwhelmed in a new area, not being able to get my kitchen together for my baking (all appliances are the wrong voltage) and most of all ~ just getting away from making things as simple as they were…just enjoy the journey and go with what feels good…especially what makes the belly feel good!

So what feels good to me?  Being able to eat my Raisin Bran or Homemade granola over yogurt in the morning…even better, my amazing Oat Parfaits!



Setting a goal and achieving it…even better, setting my Monday goals and maintaining my progress throughout the week in order to reach them all!

Creating new things in the kitchen…even better, getting some old favorites and finally enjoy them again after not having the equipment to make them!




Finally getting to run again.   It might be on a treadmill, but I am just so happy to be running again!  A lot of stress gets sent away while running!  Running while listening to audio books (I read 4 books at a time…minimum, so this helps me knock one out of the way) clears my head and seems to release a lot of tensions in my body….it just feels good!

Taking my Yoga practice more seriously again.  I am really getting back into the relaxation of it all…lighting my candles, creating a warm comfortable (and quiet) area , taking my time and being patient with myself.  I am hopping into arm balances throughout the day for energy and just to remind myself how strong I really am!

8 Limb Pose…one of my favorites!Overall, I want to get back to simplicity of what makes me feel good, what makes me feel healthy, and what makes me happy.  These wonderful morning walks I take with my boys are becoming a nice little tradition for all three of us.  The yoga, the pilates, the reading before bed, these are all things that are helping me re-slow down my mind and get that calm back that I lost in the move.  Reading the blogs that inspire me have helped flick the switch back on so I can remember this is a journey and I need to take the bumpy roads to enjoy the smooth roads!  Most of all, I am going back through MY own blog to see what was working and what was not, and just learn what tweeks need to be made!  It’s all down hill from here (meaning things are just going to get easier)!

What ways do YOU get back to basics?  What gets you back in check with your own journey?  What is your favorite ‘go to’ workout or snack?


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