Take time to enjoy the view…

So after all of the crazy hustle and bustle about being stressed, and stressing about being stressed…I decided it would be good for everyone if we snuck in some fresh air and exercise to get our days started on the right foot.

P1000943 (640x480)

I asked a friendly neighbor to help me figure out some spots that I can go for a safe walk with the boys.  There is a walking path near our home that leads to a tennis court/sportsplex, so I decided to check that one out first.

P1000944 (640x480)

We started off with James on his bike, but that lasted all of 2 minutes because the road had gravel and it was too hard for him to pedal.  He made it the rest of the way on foot (with a ton of complaining about being ‘tired already’).  We got to see some gorgeous flowers, friendly horses, nice views, and…a dead end??? 

P1000951 (640x480)

P1000952 (480x640)

P1000953 (640x480)

P1000950 (640x480)

Come to find out I took the wrong way….ah, well!  We still made the most of it and enjoyed the nice weather.

P1000968 (640x480)

Today we went for a quick drive to another piece of land our landlord owns.  They told us to go whenever we wanted to pick apples, cherries, berries, or just to take a nice scenic walk.  That is exactly what I planned for us this morning.  It was a very beautiful area, and I could not believe how many apple, pear, and cherry trees there were.  It reminded me of my Nanny’s house and I know I will be hitting this spot frequently. 

P1000973 (480x640)

P1000974 (640x480)

P1000976 (640x480)

P1000980 (640x480)

P1000987 (480x640)

P1000984 (480x640)

Probably more frequently when James is in school so I am not stopping every 30 seconds because he is too tired to walk (this starts about 1 minute after we begin walking…I am hoping he will up his endurance by the end of the summer…maybe to 2 minutes).  In the meantime, I will enjoy the fun sights we see (like sheep and horses) and just love the fact that he likes to push the stroller and point things out to Gavin!

P1000995 (640x480)

What silver linings have popped up for you recently?


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