Super Nanny, Organized Moms, or SAHM’s….hear my cry!!!!

Okay, so I have been offline for A WHILE!  We had to wait to have our lines checked in order to get the internet and even though that is hooked up, we still cannot figure out how to get our phones to work well since we have one transformer.   In due time, I suppose.  My real issue was the massive melt down I was on the verge of the other day (days)….

I have been trying to 'do it all'.....sometimes, it is just too much!

Gavin was sick…again!  Really, how much does one poor little boy need to take?  He has been sick for pretty much 8 months now.  This time it was a 7 hour trip to the ER in the middle of the night for them to get his fever down and see that he had some sort of chest viral infection (?).  He was miserable, which means the whole household was trying to cope and keep upbeat despite being worn out.  It is hard to keep it together when you have a 14 month old on your hip who is just unsure of what will make them feel better.  I know when I am sick I just want to lay around in bed and relax.  This poor little guy just needs to be cuddled and soothed, which was hard since I had to drive the 35 minute drive 4 times each day in order to get James to and from school.  He must have been wondering why I was torturing him with these car rides….Why Mommy, WHY?

He was a little more hysterical, though (source)

By the time this weekend came, I found myself crying on the way home from IKEA (which should have been a beautiful event since I am obsessed with IKEA) because he was screaming the whole way home.  He hates being in the car, there is nothing I can ever do to keep him comfortable, so I spend the time reaching back to give him: a snack, a sippie cup, a soother, a toy, a book, a comforting pat…..everything gets thrown back at me (with great force, he could very well be a quarter back).  It is a very helpless feeling when your child is miserable and you cannot help…especially when a trip to IKEA cannot cheer you up!

Hmmmm, perhaps I need to follow this advice!!

That is when I realized that I am stressed beyond my limit.  I am not an efficient mom right now because I am on meltdown’s doorstep.  I need a plan, I need to stop shoving chocolate and cereal in my mouth out of stress and exhaustion, I need to really get a routine to help us all.  Insert my cries for help from “Organized Mom“, Super Nanny’s Website, and SAHM blogs all over the web.  I was on the hunt for a great daily routine guide, suggestions for ways to get the kids (James) involved in more chores, and a way for me to get ‘me time’ again (I have not worked out in 2 weeks, if you know me, you know that I am REALLY heading to a meltdown just from this alone).  I got some great templates for meal planning (which I usually do, but like have an actual chart…OCD), freezer cooking, craft ideas, fun ‘do-it-yourself’ activities for the kids and the motivation to just sit down and work out a schedule.  My husband is on 12 hour shifts which means, from 6am to 7:45pm, he is out of the picture…it is all mom!  So how did I make out….check out what I came up with:

The Daily Routine for our family

We made the chore chart together!

By dinner time last night, James was already referring to the schedule AND the chore chart!  He knows that he is going to start receiving allowance, so we are going to sit down on Monday and come up with a plan to include his allowance with our rules and chores!  I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief as I use this first week of summer vacation to get the family onto our routine and see how much of a difference it makes with stress level, my healthy habits, and my children’s behaviour (whether they feel calmer or more anxious).  Here’s to a fresh start in the NEW Groff home!

How do you handle HUGE family transitions?  How do you get back on track with a family routine?  Do you ever feel like you are ready to break?  How do you handle being off of a regular routine?


4 responses to “Super Nanny, Organized Moms, or SAHM’s….hear my cry!!!!

  1. I’ve been having a hard time getting things together as a stay at home, I came across your blog on Pinterest and I’m so excited to start a new day tomorrow. Question though, when do you shower? I really like that you set yourself work out time but where is the mommy get ready time. Lol. Thanks so much!

    • Hi! Thanks for your kind words! I try to shower in the late morning after working out, OR as soon as I wake up! I will get up a wee bit before the kids and either workout or sit in silence for my ‘me’ time. I also make sure I take time in the evening when they go to bed for some yoga, movie watching, or something less zen, like Perez Hilton 😉

  2. I found this while trying to google some ideas for a daily routine.
    I’m a single stay at home mom of 2 boys.
    And basically, as of right now it’s a free for all. The only thing that has any sort of routine is the baby(8 months) nap time and bed times!

    I didn’t even.know where to begin, but you’ve given me at least a starting point! Thank you!

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