A new car for Groff’s Girl

Today was a great Memorial Day!  We had UFC to enjoy (we skipped the pancakes today for the first time in a LONG time) and then we went to look at a car.  We are Jeep folk and love our Grand Cherokees!!  We found a great 2005 (new to us) first thing this morning and sent a message right away!  After some Q&A, we decided to take the 1hr 20min drive to go check it out!

2005 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

It was perfect!  Ice cold A/C, power everything, clean, spacious, bluetooth stereo system, very LOW miles, and just an overall great fit for my family!  We each got to test drive it, and let me tell you going back to our rental car was horrible after driving this Jeep!  We said, ‘yes’ on the spot!!!

The interior....driving on the left side of the car again...weird!!

Now we get to drive around in comfort, with lots of space for the boys!  I finally have a huge trunk again, and a mom car that is not a ‘mom car’ like what I had in Okinawa!  WIN!!!  I felt like a Queen driving this compared to our cars for the past 5 years!  Not that they were bad or unreliable, it is just that the used cars in Japan and Korea have nothing on this used car!  We will have a lot of fun driving this safely all over Europe, and that is what is most important!  The Groff’s are getting it together slowly but surely…next step, our delayed move in date (June 6th)…we cannot wait!!!

Ready for our road trips!!

What kind of vehicles do you prefer?  Anything new and exciting going on in your home?


One response to “A new car for Groff’s Girl

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Congratualtions!!! So exciting 🙂 And that is an adorable picture of your “family”-cute idea!

    I have been driving toyotas my whole life, so I don’t really know anything different. They are good, reliable cars.

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