The Daily Staples….

A quickie post showing my recent daily staples!  I have limited space in this box hotel, so there is no magic going on in the kitchen.  I have been doing great staying on points this week, I feel way better than last weekend!  I even enjoyed some crunch-n-munch tonight and a few squares of Ritter with whole hazlenuts…moderation works way better for this girl!

This tastes like almond flavored cocoa puffs...I am addicted!

I love my cereal mix-ups, these recent blend is: 1/2c Kix, 1cup Puffed Wheat, 1tsp cocoa, 1 packet stevia.  This is all topped off with berries or bananas, OR both, and about 3/4c unsweetened almond milk.

A fresh, filling lunch!

 A pita sandwich with chicken, spinach and tomato, some grilled veggies (I made a HUGE batch of various veggies this week) and some fresh cherries!  I could eat fresh cherries all day long…in fact, I ate the last of my bundle today while laying in bed watching MMA with my boys!

My guiltless indulgence!

My sweet tooth is in full gear (stress) but I refused to go crazy with sweets!  I give myself some treats (counted into my points, of course) and it really helps me refrain from going overboard!  This lovely treat is: 3/4 banana, 1/2 cup no sugar added Choco/Vanilla FroYo, 2Tbsp Fat Free cool whip, 1tsp mini chocolate chips!  I also do a WW brownie with cool whip and sliced strawberries for a different treat (not in the same day)!  It may be boring to some people having to eat the same things over and over again, but I am a creature of habit and so, this is serving me JUST fine!!

What repeats have you been enjoying lately?


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