Is it time to say goodbye?

With all this travelling, it hasn’t been too easy to make my beloved overnight oat parfaits!  Between hotels rooms, airplanes and lack of dishes, I have been eating pre-portioned, bagged, cereal mixes that I made up.  Organized and a little too obsessive sometimes, but I love my breakkie with cereal or oats!  So I finally got some oats this week and made my first batch of overnight oats in Germany!


So full of texture and yumminess!


They weren’t perfect because I think they were not cooked long enough before they went in the fridge for the night.  It was the usual mix (minus the chia seeds~they are on their way in the mail as we speak, hooray) 1/3c oats, 3/4c water, 1.5T cocoa, 1 packet of stevia.  I added berries and 1.5tsp of mini chocolate chips for some extra sweetness.

Add some more sugar and spice with everything nice...

They had a nice texture, but were a little bland.  They were in need of some SF syrup, or perhaps a little extra stevia.  Either way, it was nice to spend a lovely morning of on-line car shopping enjoying these before my dead wish with Jillian (Shred followed by Yoga Meltdown).

They look so innocent, don't they?

Now here is the (possible) sad part.  I was bloated, uncomfortable and icky in the guts for the rest of the day!  I am not sure if it was the oats or not, but every other day I felt fine (when having the cereal mix).  I was great before the oats, then not so much after the oats!  NOOOOO!!  This cannot be!!  I literally LIVE for my overnight oat parfaits (or bowl, in this case), there is no way I have to give these up!!  The only solution is to keep everything else in my diet the same and try one more time to see if they are indeed the problem…please keep some “Yes To Oats” vibes going for me until judgement day tomorrow!!!

I hope this is not the end of our love affair!

Is there a food you love that just rips you up?  What have you had to give up lately, and how did you cope?


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