Can change be a bad thing?

So since we are in TLF (Temporary Living Facility) AKA: hotel room, there is some trouble getting settled and keeping to your regular eating pattern.  Last week, I had a few days of just eating what was around since we were without groceries and were running all over town each day.  As I always learn from these situations, I end up feeling gross.  This inconvenience left me bloated, tired and cranky.  None of which were good for me or my family!

My family likes 'Happy Amanda" not "Cranky, Sick Bellied Amanda"


Sunday night I was laying  in bed with a tummy ache from something I had eaten about 8 hours prior.  How can something keep my belly feeling sick for that long?  Well, when you are not used to eating greasy or heavy foods, your body becomes very slow at digesting/processing them!  Was it good while I was eating it….honestly, yes!  Were the after effects worth it…NO!!  I felt miserable!  I vowed that I was going to eat what would make me FEEL good this week.  If I wanted some chocolate, I would have it, but I would eat it earlier in the day and with something healthy.  If I wanted something greasy I would really think about how twisted my guts get afterwards.  So how has this been fairing out?  Great!!  I have some healthy eats that have brought me back to normal, AND treats to keep me satisfied!

1L of water, Gala apple, PB2 and apple toasted sandwich on wheat!

  I have an Easter Bunny my dad brought me from Canada.  1/3 of it is 5pts+.  I break that 1/3 in half and then it is 2pts+ , which is also enough to usually get me through a craving since it is so sweet!  I had some yesterday and it really did not make me feel sick or guilty!  I wanted tacos the other night, so I made them.  I used the leanest beef, low-card whole wheat tortillas, and WW shredded cheese.  I stopped when I was satisfied and for once I did not feel sick after eating them (moderation)!!  I love chocolate (as I have mentioned) so I got some chocolate/vanilla frozen yogurt that I mix with berries and bananas for 3pts+.  I am enjoying some sweets,  but also my veggie/fruit intake has gone up since there is great fresh produce here!  I get the best of both worlds because I can mix them together and really just enjoy them!

A yogurt bowl with berries, bananas, almonds and SF syrup for sweetness!


Chicken, grilled peppers, asparagus, carrots, toasted pita and hummus

The best part of the week so far?  I have not felt sick, my belly is not bloated anymore, and I am resting better!  Those three things are enough for me to put down those extra slices of pizza (1 0r 2 are fine when I want them), and think about how I want to FEEL after I eat.  Treats are great, but not when they leave you a cranky, irritable mama or wife!  The boys have spoken- indulge in small amounts because the change to eating what’s around was NOT a good change!!!

Sorry bunnies, but I am eating you 1/6th at a time...this is probably how you will end up!

Can you handle greasy treats here and there?  If you change-up your eating style for a day or two, how does it leave you feeling?  What foods make you FEEL great?


One response to “Can change be a bad thing?

  1. I have never been able to tolerate greasy or fried foods. Ever since I was a little kid – my parents took me to Long John Silver’s (fish and chips) and I was hugging the toilet (in multiple ways) all night. That dinner was suppose to be a reward for winning a trophy in gymnastics and trust me – that was a reward I would have given back! If I cheat and eat something I know I shouldn’t (b/c of my belly) it is always sweets. They are worth the grumbling! Now that I am strictly eaten Paleo I rarely have a stomach problem. I am still learning which veggies can mess with me though. I have figured out that my tummy (and my husbands) do NOT like red onions! How strange – we can eat yellow and white onions all day with no worries.
    It is definitely hard to travel and eat healthy/smart though – I feel for you on that one. I also find sticking to any sort of workout routine while traveling is nearly impossible unless it’s a group effort.

    Love all the new pictures! Shane and I totally want to try for a Europe Duty Station next!

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