Home Sweet Home!

We have a house!  After seeing a few duds, and then going to a few that were rented out minutes before our arrival, we had luck in the form of a blind ad.  This ad had no pictures, but Eric took the time to drive out and look (only at the outside).  He was adamant about wanting this one, I was picturing something far from what is actually was…

A military commercial always shows this for housing in Germany!

I called the landlord anyways and asked to see the house.  The lady, Bridget, let me know that she takes the calls for the landlord in order to translate.  We spoke for about 15 minutes, just chit-chatting and talking about the military moves, etc!  We clicked right away and she let me know there were others coming to look at the house on Saturday…at the end of the day the landlord would choose who to give the house to!  I was still weary, but Eric knew this was ‘the’ house!  Let me tell you…he was right!

The house with the locals who came offering German beer...no Americans, only Germans in this neighborhood!

We wanted a house with at least 4 bedrooms, a garage, a nice sized back-yard, pets allowed, in a German neighborhood, away from the ‘Americanized’ areas, etc.  This had ALL of that!  The drive to this house is amazing!  There is no better way to gear up for and wind down from work than a nice scenic drive (30 min).  The rooms are large and bright…

Office/Reading Room


Our room with a door to the back yardThe living room with heated floors

We have a gorgeous new fireplace right in the living room that will make for some cozy winter nights!!

The European Stone Fireplace

We have a huge backyard with privacy from the neighbors.  There is a large area for a garden, and there is a nice porch that will make for nice mornings spent drinking kaffee and enjoying the peace and beauty of my home!!

The picture does this no justice. The hill goes further up and the grass is SO green!!

My husband has a quite large ‘Man Cave’ now.  The garage is going to be cleared out and painted.  Then Eric is going to turn it into his own special space that he has been waiting for…for 8 years!!  I cannot wait for the fun that he is going to have with the German Boys in this hangout spot!

I can only imagine how amazing the 'After" picture is going to look!

We have a little balcony on the front of the house with beautiful views from both directions!

Looking up the street (to the left, the little road turns into a cobblestone road)

Looking to the right…these trees line the front of our home!

It is so exciting to see my boys run/crawl around this large home and know that they are going to grow up here!  I am happy for my husband who FINALLY gets his own ‘tinkering’ space to just relax after work.  I am so glad to have an office to read, work, study and relax in.  I also get a treadmill and yoga corner in this office as well!  I really could not be more happy and blessed with how our move to Germany is unfolding!

What would you want for your dream home?
What is your favorite way to spend a quiet morning?
What is your favorite kind of coffee?

5 responses to “Home Sweet Home!

  1. I’m so glad that things are going sooo great for you! Beautiful house! I’m really excited for you and the fam! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous! Have fun! When my friend was stationed in Germany there were all sorts of flea markets to get great antiques at amazing prices! Have fun!

    • I cannot wait to hit up the antique shops and flea markets so I can make my home nice and cozy!!!! We have lots of little corners and extra spacious areas to fill with cute old tables, large planters and perhaps an antique sewing machine 🙂

  3. Wow! It looks great! The neighborhood is so quaint looking. Glad you found something. How long do you think you’ll live there?

    • We are here for 4 years. Eric retires in 5 years, so we may be kept on for that last year so we aren’t sent to another base for the sake of one year! We will stay in this house the whole time, which will be great for the boys!!!!

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