Hallo Deutschland!!

We have arrived!!!  We are set up in billeting, staying up all hours of the night searching for houses, and trying to overcome jet lag!  We are so amazed with this place already, it is beautiful.   I swear I feel like I am surrounded by people who are just like me!  They are organized, friendly, cheerful, and eager to help out…plus, they have amazing beer which keeps the Hub happy!


We are looking for houses and are trying to get far from the base.  We want to live out in a nice little German community that is not Americanized.  We looked at a couple of houses, and one even had its own little ‘Beer Garden/Bar” set up in the backyard…yes, we are pursuing that house!!  We go see more tomorrow and Saturday.  We are hoping to be in a house within 2 weeks (that is a serious prayer!!)  In the meantime we are trying to make the most out of being in the on-base billeting.  The boys are having fun, that is all that matters!

They literally BEG to take a bath in this tub!!

I am keeping busy entertaining them in the hotel while Eric is in-processing and so on all day.  We are getting over jet lag (only been here 2 days) and are sleeping in a bit, then I hit up Jillian Michaels while the boys play and watch cartoons.  A nice load or two of laundry gets done, more playing, a walk around the area and then a little nap for the Youngin’.  We are needing groceries very BADLY!!  I had to pick up a pre-package Tuna Steak from the corner store to have for lunch today. I only had tomatoes and fruit to go with it, but it was yummy and healthy, so it is all good!

Make do with what you have on hand!

I was super pleased to get out and around yesterday while we looked for houses, the housing areas are so amazing…I feel like I am in the middle of “The Sound of Music” I want to start singing on the top of all these hills that are before each community area!  Unreal!!!!

This does no justice to the areas we drove through yesterday!

Another reason I am so happy here….the chocolate!  This could be very dangerous for me, but I am working on the moderation by getting little bits in individual packets.  I get one each evening while I am reading (this started in the States when there was all kind of Easter chocolate around).  When I know I am having a treat or two in the evening, it makes the cravings during the day just go away!  The lovely treat of choice to start off my German experience…Kinder Schokolade (my dad always bought these for me)!

I don't know who is happier about this schokolade...me or the boy on the package!

I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing experience for my family and I, we are eager to jump right into the culture and learn all that we can!  Hopefully we get into a nice home soon and start on the ‘getting settled’ process!  For now, it is time for a nice spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams to accompany my banana and Kaffee! 

What are your favorite treats to have in moderation?  Do you have an evening (or daytime) ‘treat tradition’ that keeps you on track and allows you to enjoy your favorite indulgences?


3 responses to “Hallo Deutschland!!

  1. I’m excited to read about your Germany adventures! I really want to go there!

  2. Wow i can’t wait to hear about Germany!!!

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