Weekly Goals: May 9th-15th

This should be easy to follow since I need to be careful about these goals.  I am going to be travelling from Wisconsin to Baltimore, visiting Washington and then flying to Germany….all in this week!!!

Lots of flying, means lots of preparation!

I want to make sure I am not over-loading myself with goals that are unattainable in this circumstance.  I know that I am bringing some prepackaged cereal mixes (1cup puffed rice, 1/3c kashi go lean, and 1/2 tsp cocoa), my oatmeal mixed with cocoa for easy parfaits, my PB2, flat-out wraps, and some nuts.  I am going to be getting some fruit, FF greek yogurt, and unsweetened almond milk for our hotel room, that way I have some easy options available!  I am using my MIL’s treadmill and our hard drive (shred and yoga meltdown) for my workouts.

Without further notice:

1.  Earn at least 28 Activity Points this week through running, shred, yoga and city walking

2.  Use Activity Points, but try not to use more than 20 extra WW points this week.

3.  Eat as much pre-planned snacks and meals as possible while travelling.  Load up the carry-on for our flight, and bring snacks while wandering around Washington!

4.  Write positive re-caps for each day this week, I need to stress less and just focus on the things that have been  making  me happy and relaxed each day!

5.  Enjoy every moment of these last few days with my family…stop worrying about the mundane things that just don’t matter!!

My next set of goals, and the re-caps for these goals will be taking place from Kaiserslautern, Germany….WOW!!!!

The Groffs are K-Town bound!!


One response to “Weekly Goals: May 9th-15th

  1. awesome goals! I so agree with 3! i LOVE packing snacks! and 4 and 5- yes yes yes!

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