The Long Lost Groff (Part Two)

I left off at Serendipity…the next stop was very close by – Dylan’s Candy Shop!  I read about this in a magazine every month, and we just happened upon it.  I may or may not have screamed out loud like a kid when I saw it!  This place was a kid’s dream!  I wanted to taste test about a thousand different treats, but I was full from my frrrozen hot chocolate, so I just enjoyed looking at all of the fun things!






Here comes a super exciting one!  We had been walking all day so we  stopped to Duane Reade for some band aids and heel tape (walking and looking good from the ankle down cause blisters, who knew?) and then got a taxi to…The Empire State Building!  I was ready to be all Meg Ryan and just rush myself to the top, but NO!!!


There are like a million different lines, velvet rope paths, elevators, tickets, photo ops, etc.  We went to the 89th floor and the 102nd floor (the tip top).  It was pretty cool!!  It looked like the city was a little puzzle or something!  We were picking out places we had been and thinking about how amazing it was that the city was a cram packed as it was, but still a beautiful place!





After this we made our way back to our  suite to have a l’il drink and get ready to go to “Wicked”… I was quite giddy, and it may have really shown!!  We went to a nice little Italian Restaurant “Rino Trattorio”, and this was some of the best Italian Food I have ever had!!!  I wish I would have taken pics, but it was pretty busy and we were trying to keep it relaxed by not taking pictures of our food when the next table was practically touching us!  Either way, the eats were super YUMMY!!  So, onto the Gershwin Theater!!!!





This show was seriously amazing!  I am not joking when I say, Eric reached over and closed my mouth because my jaw was dropped open a few times!  The voices were unbelievable.  It was so special for me to finally see this show after wanting to so badly for over 5 years!!!  Such a treat, and it was so much better than I ever would have thought!  I would go see it again tomorrow if I could!!!  The sad part was that this meant our last night in NY was just about over!  We went back, got some rest and then planned on going to Central Park the next morning before our car come for us at noon.  The plan quickly changed when we woke up and saw that it was POURING rain outside.  We shrugged it off, bought a huge umbrella and then walked back to Times Square for a visit to the gigantic Toys-R-Us!







Then it was off for Eric to find a nice, huge, greasy piece of pizza!  We stopped at one place where I got some french toast and fresh fruit, but their pizza was not being served yet.  We walked on a little further, got the slice and then headed back to pack up the gifts we bought and wait for our ride.  We truly had such an amazing time, it was a dream come true for me to get here.  I probably said that I wanted us to move there, about 10 times a day, which I would love to, but Eric is dead against it!!  As long as I can go and visit more often when we move back to the states, I will accept his decline!!  For now, I will be very happy for this mini-vacation, and for the few days we had just having fun with just the two of us.  When you are overseas military, that does not really happen and the break is needed every once in a while (or in our case, every 3 years)!  So long New York, thank you for the memories!!


(PS.  Can’t you tell he was sick of getting his picture taken at this point….he made the ‘augh’ face on purpose, ha ha!!)


2 responses to “The Long Lost Groff (Part Two)

  1. Dylan’s Candy shop is really something special! Looks like you are having a blast!

  2. I would have been so excited for all those things too!!! It sounds like a PERFECT time! I would love to see Wicked. And candy shops are always a good thing. 😉

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