The Long Lost Groff (part one)

I swear, I still exist!  I am in the middle of nowhere and sometimes the internet is just NOT available to me.  Not to mention I was just in New York for the first part of the week for my big ‘spoil Amanda as much as possible’ vacation with my husband.  Ladies, get your husbands to read this so they can get some tips.  My hub SPOILS me…on a regular basis!!!  He knows how to surprise me and out-do himself with each new treat!!!


So the story goes that for Christmas I was taunted for about 2 months about a surprise present that would out-do any present I had ever received before!  I was guessing on a daily basis and even had my co-workers trying to weigh in on what the surprise could be… I thought it was a jeep for when we got to Germany, wrong.   I thought it was a trip to Canada to see my family, nope.  I thought he got a house for us in Germany OR bought a house in the states for us to go home to when he retired, wrong again.


Finally when all gifts were opened and the dust settled, Eric brought me an envelope.  It was 2nd row center seat tickets to “Wicked” the musical.  This is my favorite book…I have read it 6 times and listen to the audio version while I run.  I was ecstatic…until I realized I had no idea where we were going to see it!  Well then I was informed that we were flying to New York, had tickets to tour around the city, and were staying right in Manhattan on the top floor of “The French Quarters” in a 2 bedroom suite!!


So this is how I spent the beginning of this week….my Christmas present FINALLY came to pass!  We flew out on Monday (yes, the first day news broke about Osama) and were greeted at the gate by the driver of our stretch limo that was to take us to our hotel!  We were literally two blocks from times square!!!  We waited in the restaurant (The Bourbon Street Bar and Grill) with some drinks and food- courtesy of the hotel!  We put our stuff in our suite (IT WAS AMAZING!) and then we hit the town…well before a quick sit down!!


Okay, so instead of talking about all of the places we went to, and the fun things we saw, I am going to just post some pics and add a few captions here and there!!!  Who needs to hear me ramble on, pictures are better!

First up:

Peanut Butter & Co!!  Amazing!  We had the crazy huge sundae (only ate about 3 bites) and bought a ton of peanut butter!!  It was awesome!!


P1000453 (640x480)



Times Square



It's Us


Then we went to M.A.C at Macy’s and I got a $200 shopping spree….pretty bad when you spend that much on make-up, but this stuff is the best and Eric was determined to spoil me.  The weird part is that I was objecting the whole time because I felt like I should not be spending that money on make-up…but, it was a treat that only comes every once in a while so I just sat back and enjoyed the make-over AND the goodies!!



The next day started out with a walk to Starbucks, of course, and then a visit to:

 Rockefeller Center

P1000485 (640x425)





Lego Land




The New York Public Library




Serendipity 3: A dream come true for me! 

I have been dreaming about this for 8 years!  It meant so much to be able to go have a nice lunch date with my husband here!  To top it off, Stephen Bruce (the creator of this amazing shop) was there and he autographed my book and engaged in wonderful conversation…he did know my idol, after all!!  That would be none other than Marilyn Monroe!!!






Part 2 coming tomorrow….


Have you ever had a dream vacation?  Where did you go, what sights meant the most to you?? 

Where WOULD you go, if you could go anywhere??


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