Some exploration with Japanese treats…

We made sure to bring some Japanese snacks back with us for our family to enjoy.  The best part is watching kids see what they are about to eat….and freak out about it!  We dumped a bag of goodies on the table and just let them squeal, curl their noses, and be adventurous!!


We started off with some dried fish (whole, of course) and had the girls feed them to one another…good idea or bad idea, it was hilarious!!  Then they moved onto the dried squid…



There were hard candies, more dried fish, forms of chocolate and more….



Some were more adventurous than others…or more inclined to enjoy the treats!!




Of course, Gavin was all over everything put in front of him!  The girls tried, but it was the youngest who really just went all out with her ability to go full force at the treats!!  Just a typical Easter-Eve with the Groffs (we are celebrating a day early)!!

What fun ways do you enjoy new things?  How do you enjoy your Easter Eve?


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