A quickie!!

Just a quickie post for my final day here in Okinawa!  I have been enjoying daily walks around the base with the two youngin’s while Eric gets the last of everything completed!  I have managed to have some great eats that kept me on target…of course, there were a few treats added in there, but I am on track and now planning for the flight!

Stopped drinking coffee months ago, but I have been enjoying a cup each morning!

Here are some pics of our walks and then some eats!!

James enjoying the sun!

Just found out that Gavin LOVES going for walks in the stroller...bonus for all of our exploring in Germany!There's always time for a 'Mommy and Me' pic!!

We walked to the coffee shop where James had a chocolate milk and a huge powdered donut (he ate 1/4)Gavin munched on a cinnamon bun and some of my fruit saladI had the DELICIOUS fresh fruit salad...this was the best fruit salad I have ever bought! I got a NF Iced Mocha with only 1/2 pump of syrup...I only drank about 1/4, not really feeling it for some reason!Eating while living in billeting is a little challenging! I try to prepare as best as I can, but that was a bit hard sometimes. Overall, I did pretty good. One day was a bit rough with some pizza, some stress chocolate and caramel corn. I am still within my points and have extra points left over for the week still. Some of the things I kept on hand to make it easier were: fruit, baggies of my pre-measured cereal mix, almond milk, nuts, WW bread, eggs (for the egg whites) and PB2. Here are some of the eats I have enjoyed while staying on points in billeting (yay, me!)Mixed fruit with thawed berries (and their natural sauce) 1TB crushed walnuts and 2 Tbsp FF cool whip1/4c tofu pudding with thawed berries, 1Tbsp homemade granola, 1Tbsp FF cool whipMore cereal mix-up!The majority of what I ate was: For breakfast- cereal mix-up with 1/3c Almond Milk, 3 egg whites and fruit . For a snack- A PB2 and apple toasted sandwich. Chicken with veggies, or a healthy sub for lunch. Fruit and tofu pudding or a sweet treat for a snack. Then some dinners were (aside from the pizza night): Chicken Fresco Tacos from Taco Bell without the tortillas...I made it like a salad and then used one low carb mini tortilla, Amy's beef crumbles cooked with taco seasoning to make a taco salad, grilled chicken and then an extra lean grilled homemade burger (no bun). I was satisfied and had a treat here and there (2 TBSP Milk Chocolate M&M's, 1/2 of a Coffee Crisp Bar, Subway cookie were the three treats I had). I feel good about the choices I made on the whole. There were fast food bags being brought in here, bags of chips, mini boxes of sugared cereals, candies as gifts, etc. I was able to avoid or try a bit and then move on...WIN!!! (My paragraph is centered and I have no idea why it won't align to the left...)Now, I just need to worry about what I will be eating on the plane!

Now let’s see how well I can hold up with the airline food (I am requesting a low-fat meal and am bringing fruit, nuts and cereal baggies-hopefully they won’t be taken away from me).  I plan on drinking lots of water and getting up every hour or so to do some stretches in the aisles so I don’t get swollen and uncomfortable!  I will keep you posted!!
How do you handle flights?  How do you stay healthy and on track with all of the flying restrictions about bringing food on board?  What are your ‘go to’ items if eating in an airport?



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