Goodbye Home!

We leave our home today…the home we have lived in for 3 years, spent Gavin’s first year of life and saw James grow from a Korean speaking toddler to a snarky little almost-six year old.  Today I say goodbye to the only home the four of us have known together.  It makes me think about how exciting it was when we first got here, so here is a recap of what we’ve loved!

The Island of Okinawa, my home for the past three years!

James was only 3 years old when we got here (well he turned 3 about a month after we got here).  From the first second he stepped foot into that sand, he has been a complete beach bum!!  Soon he will need to be all about the snow!

Our first trip to the beach!

Always a running start to the water!

Loving the waves!

  I teach Yoga and Pilates and was so excited to offer a Yoga Retreat while we were here!  We had 13 people attend, it was on the beach and very successful!  There was yoga, kayaking, learning sessions, pilates previews and of course lots of healthy good eats!

Warrior Pose during our first Morning Yoga session

Our Kayaking session (Me in the back...rocking the shorter hair)

Teaching a series of arm balances on our last morning!

We loved having BBQs and get-togethers at our house.  They were always known to get a bit rowdy, but were always a good time!  We have had so many funny memories from our backyard bon-fires (we made a bon-fire pit with a 1/2 an oil drum, plus we built stairs going into our backyard jungle).  I always went to bed long before these nights ended, and this St.Patty’s Day was our last backyard event!  We are known for the pig roasts (including violating pictures posing with the pig) and for people looking ‘confused’ by the time they leave…(by confused, I mean intoxicated)

First Pig Roast....pig violation!

There have been known to be trucks and kegs in our yard...the go well with the horse shoe pits they built!

The 'confused' look that is always on all faces by the end of the night (morning)!

Another pig roast/violation

They come hungry and thirsty....but they always leave satisfied 😉

Of course one of THE most memorable moments of Okinawa was the birth of our second son, Gavin!  This was a long road of loss and doubt, but we were determined to give James a little sibling!  James would talk to the belly, pose with it, and tell me what Gavin was saying to him!  He is a proud big brother and there is not really anything more we could have asked for from our time here!

Only had a black and white copy....James posing with the belly!

Super Hero of a big brother!

Always loves to help out and take care of his little brother!

All in all, we will take amazing memories, friendships and family adventures with us as we leave!  We cannot wait to see what Germany has in store for us, and I know that a home is whatever you make of it.  As long as we are together we will make our new home just as happy and memorable as the one we are leaving today! 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  What makes YOUR house a home?


3 responses to “Goodbye Home!

  1. That is the cutest belly picture I’ve ever seen . He seems like a great big brother.

  2. Awww… good luck on the move! And as hard as it is to say goodbye, I’m sure Germany will be just as exciting!

  3. Amanda–we will miss you!! I wish we would have met 3 years sooner. I would have loved to come to your yoga retreat too. All the best–Sayonara

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