More beach, goodbyes and cake!

Here is a nice pile of pics from the last two days!  We did more beaching on Saturday, this time with Gavin!!!  We had a nice dinner with friends (twice) and celebrated Gavin’s 1st Birthday!  Everything is wrapping up and we are piling our days with goodbyes, celebrations, and fun memories!

Since this post is not about me....I thought I would throw myself in somehow 😉

First up a (whole) family day at the beach…bonus was that they were offering free paddle boarding ~ yes, please!!!

Eric and James showing their skills

Using that core and leg strength I've been working on!

Soaking up the...shade!

We then went to a friend’s house for a goodbye dinner…there was a TON of food, I didn’t even get a picture of everything after it was brought out!  It was quite a variety, everything from: crab legs, flank steak chicken, bulgogi, eel, brauts, veggies, gyoza, crab cakes, sushi, grilled potatoes, taco potatoes…oh, the list goes on!

The beginning of the spread

Up close of the 'meats'

The boys then gathered around to have a fireworks extravaganza…no, I am not kidding.  Our buddy has a closet….yes, a CLOSET of fireworks!  It was a goal for Eric to set some of these off before we left.  So they gathered around the magic closet to pick out the goods and then after asking the neighbor’s permission, it was fireworks time!

Open those eyes, Kev!

Today (Sunday) was all about the last running/TRX interval workout with Agnes and Leigh (tear), it was a good one!  It would have been better if I wasn’t lacking protein and ended up shaking like a leaf…but, it felt so great and I loved every second of ass whooping!  We ran a couple errands (after a morning nap session) and then it was onto the Macaroni Grill for another goodbye dinner with our close friends (yes, it is my dear Keiko and her family).  I was super composed got a little teary when thinking about leaving them, but they are going to Portugal and Germany has free weekly flights, so we won’t be too far!  James is an emotional wreck and I think a lot of it has to do with leaving Jessica, his very best friend (they fight like an old married couple).

James and Jess 3 years old

James and Jess 4 years old

James and Jess 5 years old

Jess and James (6 and almost 6 years old)

He will never find another girl like this one…or a better friend.  They have been through it all, and at the end of the day we all know how much they love one another!  It will be very hard to leave!   After our goodbye dinner, it was back home and ready for Gavin’s 1st Birthday mini-celebration!  We really wanted to have a simple little affair in order for him to have his first birthday cake in Okinawa!  It was so much fun!  He had a blast and TORE UP the little cake we had for him!!

The Beach Cake I made for Gavin

No apprehension here...he is my son for sure!! He went for that cake like there was no tomorrow!

Happy Boy!

We had a great day together, celebrating life, birthdays, friends and new adventures!  It is hard to see my time here come to an end, it is starting to kick in that I am leaving not just an island, but a portion of my life, behind.  A lot has happened here and I realized tonight that this house is the longest we have lived in one place…3 years.  We have many adventures to come and many people to meet who will enrich our lives, but that does not mean we don’t love and appreciate every minute we have had here!  Thank you to everyone who has made our time so meaningful and special!

Have you moved a lot?  Do you every have a hard time moving on or away from friends/places?


3 responses to “More beach, goodbyes and cake!

  1. Ahh homemade birthday cake – that’s an awesome decoration and looks like Gavin loved it too =)

  2. adorable bday cake!

  3. i actually have never really moved!.. whn we moved to london was only 4 so i dnt rmbr that.. but i know it was a big tough on y parents and brother! i LOVe paddle boarding!

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