Ahhh, Life’s a beach!

Today started with a great workout at the gym!  I really changed it up this week and loved it great it made me feel.  I could feel the muscles just begging for more, and I did not feel sore or overworked later on!  I felt the need to unwind after a hectic week plus I wanted to be sure to soak up the day with my boys so…I begged for some beach time! 

...and, I got what I wanted!!!

So for the hard work: I completed my week of leg strength intervals…I did the workout 4 times, taking Tuesday off for my procedure.  The workout consisted of: Leg presses, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Hip Abductors, Squats, Side Lunges, Plie Squats and Dead lifts!!  Whew, let me tell ya…I can notice a difference already!  I can feel it while in the exercises and then when I do my flexing and stretching!!  I have always had muscular calves but these days the calves are looking extra GOOD!

My calves in my empty house 😉

I have also worked in some intervals using the cable machine, kettle bars and free weights.  I have been getting my upper body strong with tricep presses, overhead close-grip, bicep T-curls, hammer curls, preacher curls, military press, shoulder front and lateral raises and then a lovely amount of push-ups, diamond push-ups and walk-out push-ups!  The arms have some work to be done, but they are getting there!! (Excuse the blurry picture, I got James to take it right after he woke up, hee hee)

The gun show will come eventually 😉

In order to enjoy the after workout glow and the nice weather, we decided to hit up the beach with James.  Gavin was having his last little shin-dig at the CDC, and we were out running errands, so we figured a pit stop at the beach with James was in order.  He has been a bit stressed and sensitive lately, so some alone time with him seemed like a great way to get him feeling happy and goofy again!

He is a complete beach bum!

He is fearless, jumps right into the water no matter how cold it is!

He is SOOO pale that we have to completely load him down with SPF70 in order to avoid a burn.  It is always funny trying to get his hair to go crazy while wiping him down with sunscreen!

Hello, I'm translucent....what's your name?

We let him play around the Pirate Ship Park a little bit before we headed out to American Village for some eats and nice scenery!  We tried out a ‘new to us’ restaurant that Eric was eyeballing….Mexican.  I was a little nervous, but it was looking like I would manage just fine!  I got a yummy Chicken Pittapan (Chicken stuffed Pita), Eric was able to get a nice Corona to enjoy in the sun!  The boys were quite pleased with our lunch spot!

Nothing like a nice patio and sunshine to enjoy your lunch!

James was eager to leave once the food was finished because we promised him a trip upstairs to “YogurtLand”…this stuff is SOOOO good! 

Paying for the goods!

We rarely go, but I always want to load my bowl each time.  I laid off a bit and got little bits of 3 different Non-Fat flavors.  I had: Tiramisu, Coffee Bean, and Dutch Chocolate…it was about 3/4c all together.  I then topped with bananas, strawberries, a teeny scoop of fruit granola and then 2 little pieces of cheesecake crumbles….MMMMMM, soooo good!! 

The row of Fro-Yo dispensers...heaven!

Our yummy creations!

After our bellies were full we headed back to the base in order to get Gavin from his last day of school!  They made him a really cute little book with pictures from his time with them, so cute!  He was pretty much asleep but I know he would have made a big production about leaving and making sure to leave them laughing!  They were wonderful and took such great care of him, so they will all be very missed!  Now let’s veg out, enjoy the rest of the sun, and enjoy our last weekend in Okinawa!

How do you like to spend sunny days?  Any new work-outs or results popping up lately?  What differences do you notice first: muscle definition or lost inches?


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