Today…a year ago today!

Today I am feeling strong, happy, optomisitic and grateful!  A year ago today I was going through 19 hours of active labor in order to welcome my miracle baby into the world.  Today I am learning to live in the now, appreciate the goals I achieve and enjoy every moment of life no matter how stressful.  A year ago today I was hit up with pitocin and let an epidural be cut off in order to achieve my goal of delivering hypno-birth style…

Me, today!

Me, a year ago today

Today I woke up early (despite only sleepling for 6 hours) in order to go to the gym for another muscle building leg circuit.  I added in some kettle ball and squat work…no stopping in between exercises OR sets!  A year ago today I was having convulsions from the pitocin in my system.  My water broke before I was even dilating, so I needed to get the uterus working.  I used the strength I gained from my daily 2-3 mile walks, yoga, and pilates in order to maintain my endurance for labor.

Today, these legs were WORKING it!

My feet were swollen sausages a year ago today! (Not complaining, actually giggling)

Today I am rocking the lower grain input in order to help my output goal, I am going to hit the beach with James (since he only has a half-day) while Eric does more out-processing, I am going to let Gavin smash some cake, and I am going to enjoy my complete family!  A year ago today I was using my persistance in order to push Gavin out in 16 minutes (flat).  I was freaking out when I couldn’t hear him cry and could only hear the doctor talking about the cord around his neck.  I was holding my gorgeous boy after 4 years of stress, loss and miscarriages…

Today I am eating as fresh as I can in order to feel great!

A year ago today, I met Gavin!

A year ago today, AND today, I am a content, happy, strong and proud Mommy of two amazing boys!

Today, my boys teach me to take time to smell the flowers 😉

How was your life a year ago today?


5 responses to “Today…a year ago today!

  1. Wow what a sweet post! You’re such a grateful mommy, you have 2 very lucky sons who love you lots !!! Good luck with the out-posting. Most of all, Happy 1st Birthday Gavin! xoxoxoxo

  2. I love seeing what a year can do. Congrads to you and your family and here is to many, many more years of smashed cake 🙂

  3. Aww I love this post, it’s so touching! Your boys are beautiful 😀

  4. Happy Birthday, Gavin! Love your sausage toes pedicure, such a cute post 🙂 A year ago today I was preppin’ for my first ever 5K.

  5. Happy B-Day Gavin – and to me too! lol! One year ago today I was in Oki waiting on my husband to get back from a long training in the Philippines, trying to balance school and being a new mommy! Wow – not much has changed for me! Shane is still away, I’m still trying to finish college BUT the baby situation has gotten was more enjoyable as she grows and explores!

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