This is how to relax!

I woke up early and was ready to hit the gym for another leg workout!  I was also ready to enjoy my whole day and move past my moment of despair from yesterday.  The sun was shining (well not yet, because it was still dark…but I could tell it was going to be) and I was feeling pretty good belly wise!

It's going to be a NICE day!!

I got through my leg circuit pretty well since there were no other people using the machines!  I got to do all 5 sets without interruption….WIN!  I got home just in time to get my I-Pod off, drink some water and kick off the shoes before Gavin woke-up…WIN!  I was able to get him dressed, fed, and ready to go in no time flat before he started to have a meltdown…WIN!  James was in a great mood and got himself set for school without a lot of reminding and ‘lolli-gagging speeches”…WIN!  I baked two batches of cookies (chocolate chip and sugar cookies with M&M’s on top) for a meal WOOT provided for the mothers from the Main Island.  They are here to be sure they have the care they need while pregnant, we all need to help out in any way we can…WIN!  I was happy to have a great start to my day!!  I was unsure what to eat, since I wanted to lay off some grains…so I whipped up some egg whites and then munched on some blueberries (no more blueberries, they didn’t agree well).

I guess you could say I am winning....just like this guy 😉

I was able to talk to my Dad for a whole 40 minutes WHILE I scrubbed the floor on my hand and knees…WIN (double win for multi-tasking)!  I then had an apple and two mini cookies that I left out for myself…not gluten free (those will be made on Sunday).  It was time to meet up with my friend for my last pedicure at Cocoks!  I was very excited to get the leg massage, because the shin has been asking for it!  Excuse the swollen feet, there is still a lot of water retention going on from the procedure, but here are my newly painted toes!

Will really miss these pedicures!!!

Then we went to a nice ocean front cafe for a light lunch!  Transit Cafe is at a perfect location!  Right at the seawall, it has a great view, amazing food and a really refreshing atmosphere!  I really should have come here more often!

The inside

We got the table that sits right at the edge of the balcony!  It was gorgeous.  A little construction, but still it was sunny, the water was clear and the company was great!

From the second floor of 'Transit Cafe'

My dear friend, Keiko!!

I ordered the salad with chicken on the side!  It came with garlic toast…oh, yes I did!  I only ate a bit of the chicken because it was not boneless/skinless and then I had some of the garlic bread.  Knew it would hurt later, but I figured I can suck it up for the sake of a little taste!

A whole plate of yum!!!

It was pretty hot outside so I made sure to keep at the water!  I was still feeling dehydrated from yesterday, so I knew I had to keep it flowing today!!

I love water pictures that make you want to reach out and take a drink!

Still a little puffy and sore, but I am making sure to enjoy my great day...besides, I have great friends like Keiko to keep me laughing!

We enjoyed some more conversation and then made our way home!  After a few more errands I settled down with another salad mix-up: romain, chicken, peppers, tomato, hummus and spinach.  It was big, filling and yummy!

I love 'hot and grilled' mixed with 'fresh and crispy'

 I already got the gifts made for the teachers (boys’ last week in school), James’ homework finished up with him, backpack packed, laundry folded and kitchen cleaned…WIN!  Now it is time to chug some more water, wake Gavin from his evening nap and then chill out before bed! 

Today was a good day, how about you? 


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