Weekly Goals April 4th-10th

So I did not update the goals last week…not for a bad reason, just because it was super hectic around here and I did not really stop for two seconds to think up my goals…other than the goal to not go insane!  I have some goals for this week that will help keep me charged up for all of the craziness that is beginning to ensue with our upcoming move!

Celebrate ALL achievements and checked off goals!

1.  No little bits of snacking: Did great with this!  I had one day where I caught myself snacking on almonds, and mindlessly grabbing extra trail mix (Tuesday), then I looked at my food intake for the day and realized I need to up my protein!  This day, the snacking helped me figure out what was causing the need to munch!

2. Two rest days again:  Took two rest days, had to switch them up because of my schedule, but I still took them.  I made sure to just stretch and take it easy!!

3.  Get leg back in running shape: I went for a 2 mile run and felt pretty good, but then the leg started hurting.  I took a few more days off, and then did interval running with TRX training on Sunday

4.  Switch it up: I did my turbo kick, the shred level 2, yoga meltdown AND TRX training….lots of switching and guessing for my body!!

5.  Get my house organized and ready to be packed up: As a military wife this is hard because the husband always knows what to do, where to put things, etc.  I stayed out-of-the-way, did as I was asked and just tried to help.  It is such a stressful time that by stepping back I actually helped out more!

6.  Print these goals off and tape ‘em to the fridge: Printer got packed up on Tuesday, so instead I kept the list open on my desktop so I could refer to it!!

A quick side note about last week:

I ran 3 times: Tuesday for 3.12 miles @ 9:04/mi, Friday night I went for a run (bad idea because I had such bad stomach issues) 2.56 miles @ 9:07/mi, and then Sunday for the interval running and TRX training my pace was 9:04/mi. 

I also did an all over interval workout on Thursday, a 2 mile walk on Saturday and a 1 mile (test the new shoes) run plus a hard-core ‘Kilimanjaro hills’ bike program at level 8 on Monday.  Ate very well, as you could see from my posts about being at the cottage and being the OCD that packs all snacks, plus I logged  all of my meals and workouts 🙂

NOT making wishes, I am making GOALS!


1.  Skip running for 1 week: The shin is in rough shape!  I am going to take 5 days of ONLY doing leg strengthening at the gym.  Leg extensions, Leg curls, Hip abductors, Leg Press, Calf Raises, plus lots of stretching.  I am not doing cardio but will do upper body training at home.  I am hoping the week off of running plus the strength training will help me NEXT week!!

2.  Be positive: I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday which means no eating from Sunday night until after my procedure Tuesday after lunch time.  This also means drinking 4L of vile pineapple flavored nastiness in order to ‘clean me out’.  We have a lot going on this week and I just want to remain as upbeat as possible so I don’t get mentally bogged down.

3.  Make Saturday a FAMILY DAY: I want to celebrate Gavin’s first birthday (it is on Thursday) before we leave here, because I want the memory of knowing his birth place and 1st birthday were in Okinawa.  I want to go do something fun with my family- maybe a beach day or a zoo day with a picnic and then have cake later with friends

4. Day Date with Husband– the kids are still in school/childcare while we out-process, so I would like to take advantage of the little bit of free time we might have and spend Thursday morning (James has a 1/2 day) going out to breakfast or going to the beach, zip-lining, anything for just the two of us!

5. Continue to eat clean and really start planning on going gluten-free: I am requesting an intestinal biopsy so I can be tested for Celiac or Gluten Intolerance (10 years of being told I have IBS is just not helping me anymore and this seems to fit with everything I have going on).  I want to try to switch over to see if I feel a difference.  I’m going to pre-order pantry items and so on to be shipped to the in-laws so the goods are already there when we arrive for our 1 month stay!

6.  Keep a Food Log/Exercise Journal– Started this last week, and it really helps me keep from snacking AND to see what I am lacking in my eats!  I like being able to flip it open to see my workouts, snacks, etc.  It helps me pre-plan and schedule things out!

What are your goals for the week??


2 responses to “Weekly Goals April 4th-10th

  1. The food log and exercise log are a must. I have been keeping these for years now. It’s also cool to look back and see where you were and what gains you have made!

  2. It’s cool that you’re not trapped in a rut with your workouts and can try new things, keep that body guessing!

    Have fun on your day date 🙂

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