The search for healthy guts with a camera…part one

So after years of suffering from “IBS” I have finally been given the chance to get really checked out!  Today I am getting a colonoscopy, pretty exciting, right?  This should give more answers about why my ESR levels are elevated (that means there is inflammation in my guts).  For now, let’s talk about the amazing prep I get to do for this procedure!

2L in the evening and another 2L in the morning

I received a lovely 4 Litre jug that had pineapple flavored powder in it.  I had to fill it with water and keep in the fridge.  There were also 4 ducolax tablets taped to the side that I had to take at noon the day before the procedure.  I was told NO eating the FULL day before the procedure, I was allowed clear liquid, but nothing solid.  So here is how my Monday went down:

When you start your day like this, you better do something to turn it around quick 😉

Wake-up, already feeling crappy because I have a mild fever and the chills.  Went to the gym to start my leg workout (part of my goals for the week)  Busted out 5 reps 0f 10 for each exercise, then headed home.  Had to go give a pregnancy test to make sure there are no babies creeping around inside.  Took my 4 ducolax at noon, and those kicked in about an hour later, no joke!  I took a nap and felt even worse when I woke up.  I think I cried twice leading up to the ‘drinking of the solution’ torture, just the idea of it when I was already feeling horrible was a little too much.  The first gulp brought on the water works big time!  “This stuff is NASTY, how am I going to drink 8 glasses of this, sob, sob, sob?”  James kept me company and rubbed my back a little, but I was just not able to get those gulps back.  I had to intervene with something that tasted better…

Enter the Cherry Jello that was not quite jello yet!

I decided to take three gulps and then a bite of cherry jello (it wasn’t formed yet, so more like jello juice).  This was not that great.  I gagged…A LOT!  By the time I got to the last glass, I puked like a college student on a drinking binge.  James was continuing a conversation with me as if nothing was happening, and Gavin was laughing.  It honestly helped, because then I saw that they were keeping my spirits up in their own way.  Man, I love my kids!!!!

The highlight of the night was Eric's Birthday!

It was Eric’s birthday (we will celebrate tonight) so we gave him his presents and took a few pictures, then I spent the rest of the night in my bed or the bathroom.  NOW, the second part: you drink 2L the night before and then you have to wake up 4 hours before your procedure and drink the remaining 2L….oh, yeah!  Since I go in at 8am, I had to start chugging at 4am.  No more red liquids after midnight, so orange popsicle would have to sooth the nastiness in between the 3 gulp rotation. 

The saviour of my morning

I kept it cold the whole time, this made a big difference.  Last night I left the jug out for the 2 hours it took to get it all down, by the middle it was luke warm and I think that made it twice as worse!  I got to the end of glass number 6 today before the puking started, so I figured I was good to go!  I mean really, how much of this stuff can your body take on an empty stomach?

Only took 6 popsicles to help me drink the 2L!

I have been running to the bathroom every 5 minutes and feel overly dehydrated, it hurts to use the bathroom (#1) so I hope this is not somehow giving me a bladder infection.  Now it is off to get the IV set up, get my scope done and then finally be able to eat.  I packed a banana, a green apple and half a sandwich (Natural PB on flax bread).  I just hope that when this is done they will say, “Yes, you have celiac (or a gluten intolerance)”.  It seems weird to WANT that diagnosis, but after 10 years of this, I really want to know that I am not crazy and it is something more than just a cranky bowel.  All my research points to celiac and from what I have read the people WITH celiac spent years being told they were suffering from IBS, and they never felt relief.  Either way, I am switching to gluten-free as best as I can with this move, ordering food to be waiting for me in the states and already found a few great places that will ship to APO addresses.  I will be posting the rest of this experience as soon as I get home!  Wish me luck 🙂

Anyone else suffer with these issues?


One response to “The search for healthy guts with a camera…part one

  1. Wow – good luck – I hope you find out what is causing all of this. People in my family suffer from numerous bowel syndromes. Mainly INS or divertyculitos! (however you spell that)

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