Our last Beach Cottage Get-Away!!!

With all of the hustle and bustle of getting packed up, attending final appointments and not having any furniture, we decided to take our butts to the beach!  Since I have a hard time relaxing, I figured if I got to the water (my ‘serenity now’ element) I could just chill with my family and enjoy life without distractions for a couple of days!!

Our cottage, the “Shisa”

We grilled our first night (as I mentioned here) and then tried to just take it easy and get a good night’s sleep!  Gavin was not really feeling the whole ‘good night sleep’ vibe, but an earplug purchase was bound to help for the next night 😉  I got up and decided to do a nice workout on the deck!  Seriously, how much prettier could a workout be?  I did a great series from the newest Shape Magazine…no weights, or anything else, required!  It was awesome, I threw in some Shred-style cardio, extra abs and just enjoyed the view.

My workout site with some props!


Has a bottle of water ever looked more refreshing??

Once the boys were all up and going, I decided to make up some breakfast!  I cooked them up some breakfast sausages, scrambled eggs and toast.  I attempted to make pancakes, but with no cooking spray, it went all sorts of wrong!  For myself,  I went with my regular oats mix-up, scrambled egg whites with 1/2 yolk, orange slices and a little bit of coffee (with almond milk and stevia).

Ahhh, a nice morning breakfast on a sunny patio overlooking the ocean....

I could, literally, live off of my overnight oats!!

Being that I was adamant about eating clean even while away from my home, I packed up our lunch for the day.   I made sandwiches for the boys, then I packed up some chicken, spinach, tomatoes, hummus, and whole wheat wraps for Eric and I.  I also packed up an apple, and some date balls for my snack.  We went  out to ‘Hedo Point-The tip of Okinawa Main Island, where the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea meet’.  It was a little windy, but so beautiful!!!

The waves were not as big as usual, but still looked super cool!

My boys admiring the view!

Feel the breeze!

I wanted to get a few more pictures of myself with the boys, but after the next two pics my camera battery died.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, but when they packed up our house they also packed the charger….fail!!  I should be getting a new one today!  Here are the last few shots of Hedo point:

James was super excited about standing on the rock...all by himself!

Hedo Point 🙂

It was a great little road trip with the family, we saw some nice sights, ate our healthy picnic, and then spent some time at the beach!  James was brave and jumped around in the water, he told us afterwards that he was ‘freeeezing’, but still had fun!  We were all pretty wiped out so we spent the evening relaxing, eating grilled fish, watching movies together, reading and just plain vegging out!  Love these times with my boys, now I just need a camera to catch these last moments in Japan!!!

Any new sights lately?  What is your favorite picnic item?  How frustrated are you when your camera craps out?


5 responses to “Our last Beach Cottage Get-Away!!!

  1. Get your new camera already! 🙂 Looks beautiful & relaxing. Will have to go there sometime!

  2. Japan is so beautiful! It looks a lot like the Big Island of Hawaii =) Glad you got some time to get away with your family and unwind, and it takes a lot of dedication to work out on vacation instead of laying in the hammock with a margarita lol

  3. this looks beautiful! i love your workout spot!! so so nice!!!!!! fav picnic item… just good company and good food!

  4. oh and good weather 😉

  5. What is the recipe for your over night oats? They look yummy – I would love to try them!

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