A day of success while eating out!!

I have been gone for 2 days since we got packed up and had NOTHING in our house, so we went elsewhere.  Tuesday night, we stayed on base and then Wednesday we went to a beach cottage for two nights…relaxation in a stressful time like this is a MUST!

The view from the beach cottage!!

I started my Wednesday with a lovely coffee date with two lovely ladies!!  I got to see my running pal, Tricia and her daughter, Ruby for some yummy eats and sunshine at a nice little coffee house!

LOVE going to this place on a sunny day!

My goal was to eat as clean as possible….this proved to be challenging!  My willpower was in full force because what I wanted was the loaded french toast with banana, blueberries and whipped cream, a grande Almond Mocha, and maybe some of their yummy looking banana bread on the side.  What I got was a Tall NF Soy Mocha (I only drank about 1/3), 3 egg whites scrambled, and plain yogurt with 1/4 banana.  I came prepared with a tiny container with: 2tsp chia seeds, 2 tsp cocoa, 2 tsp flax, and some stevia.  I sprinkled these goodies on top of the yogurt!

My yummy breakfast!

C'mon, that is just as good as loaded french toast...right?

Tricia decided to get some french toast, but not loaded.  She opted for the yummy banana and NO whipped topping, some eggs and it also came with sausage (which I don’t think she ate). 

Look good or what???? How cute is that tiny little single serving jug 'o syrup?

She also got a super yummy looking t blended drink, I should have gotten my blended too since that is my favorite 🙂

Look at those two pretty ladies....so delicious!

It was so nice to sit in the sunshine, relax, chat and enjoy her gorgeous little daughter!  She had me cracking up with her ‘way too cute’ jeggings…she is a stylin’ l’il lady!  We took time for a group picture or four, before heading out to enjoy the rest of the day!  Here I am with my super amazing breakkie companions!

Anyone else wanna just squeeze those gorgeous cheeks? Two gorgeous ladies I am lucky to have met!!

The rest of the day I kept my clean eating and willpower!  I had my prior Nanny come to take me to lunch, but when she walked through the door with pizza I thought I was in trouble.  The pizza was for the boys, so her and I still went to lunch (whew!)  I got a large salad with chicken, 1 egg hard boiled egg white and some japanese dressing on the side.  I like to dip my fork and then get a fork full of salad 🙂  She was pressuring me to get the Orea Cookie Cheese Cake, and although it was super tempting, I declined and popped a piece of juicy fruit!

If you know me and my love of cheesecake, you know this was a very proud moment!

Then it was time for us to pack up and head out to the cottages…not the greatest idea when you are hungry!  I packed an apple to eat in the car and sadly, it just was not enough.  My Hub was kind enough to get a FAT apple danish for our son…..which I ended up holding on my lap the entire 60 minute drive!  I did not touch it…may have inhaled deeply while holding it, but did not eat it!  When we finally got to the cottage I whipped out the chicken and peppers I brought and sent the Hub to the grill!  I ate a piece of 7 grain flax bread with 2 tsp natural pb, and one date ball while I waited.  I am really getting way to addicted to this Natural Peaunut Butter I got (the only one available here).  I am used to the taste and am slowly not craving the other ‘natural’ peanut butter made  by skippy!

I love you!

I turned down any after dinner snack and just enjoyed a good book in bed (borrowed from Tricia 🙂 ).  I have to say, it was nice to go to bed and know that I ate out for 2 of my meals, plus a snack and DID NOT compromise my transition to clean eating!  Yay, me!!!!

What temptations have you passed up lately?  Did you feel deprived or were you able to enjoy something else just as much?

3 responses to “A day of success while eating out!!

  1. Way to go for resisting temptation! Especially when we are moving or traveling, I just cannot resist some temptations!

  2. Wow – you have the strongest willpower ever! That oreo cheesecake makes me want to take a bite out of my monitor lol

    Side note: I once had a Pilates teacher who was a ballerina in her youth, and when I asked why she stopped dancing she said “because I liked Oreos more than I liked ballet” hahahahahaha Have fun at the beach! 🙂

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