Clean Eating Whole Grain Veggie Pizza Recipe

This is YUM!!!  I will thin out the dough when I flatten next time, but this was so good!  I loved all of the flavors from the peppers and onions, which is weird because I hate onions!  It fits into all of the clean eating principals and is super healthy so make sure to try this recipe out!! 

You know you want some!!!

Whole Grain Gluten Free Pizza

  • 1 pkg Red Mills Gluten Free Pizza Mix
  • 2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1.5c warm water
  • 2Tbsp Flax
  • 6Tbsp water

Easy ingredients!!

Mix the yeats packet (comes with the pizza mix) with 1.5c warm water and let sit a few minutes).  In another bowl mix 2 Tbsp flax with 6Tbsp water (or use 2 eggs) and let sit a few minutes.  Add the flax mixture (called a flax egg) to the water and yeast mixture, add the 2 Tbsp Oil and mix well.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl with the pizza mix.  Separate into two balls and cover the bowl with saran wrap for 20 minutes.

Let 'er rise!

Spread onto a large greased pan (I used a baking stone, so no grease).  Make sure to flatten well by using wet hands to smooth it out; otherwise, it will be very sticky!!  Cook on 425 degrees for 7-9 minutes NO TOPPINGS YET!!

Bake ALONE first!

Then you can add your sauce and toppings.  I decided to grill veggies while the dough was rising.  I then added a little oil, veggies and 1/4c mozzarella to one side of the pizza (for me).  Then on the other side I added about 1/2c marinara sauce, veggies, extra cheese, and some chicken (for the boys).

Warped Pan = best results 😉

Ready for the oven

Bake for an additional 15-20 minutes, or until the crust is crunchy and cooked all the way through!  I let mine go in for 18 minutes and then lowered the temperature to 350 degrees and gave it another 5 minutes!  Next time I will try to do two thinner pizzas so it is not so doughy!  We like thin and crispy in this house!

My pieces fell apart but, but they were GOOOOD!!

Now go give it a try and tell me what you think!!  Who knew a Whole Wheat Gluten Free Flax Pizza would be so tasty?


2 responses to “Clean Eating Whole Grain Veggie Pizza Recipe

  1. reading food blogs when I’m starving might not be the best idea… 😉

  2. That looks gooooooooooood! I’ve seen that pizza crust mix in the store but never ventured into it – can you taste any difference?

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