TRX Training and some GOOOOOD eats!!

So I mentioned going out to do a running/TRX/Pilates/Kettle Ball workout…we threw in some hills, lunges, planks and abs just to keep it interesting!  What a great workout a nice switch up to my norm which is good, keep that body GUESSING!!!

Huh? I thought we were only doing one workout this week...

So what exactly is TRX?  According to the official TRX website (I am nervous to post this so just google TRX and it will pop up): Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Easily set up the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and you’re in control. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

Some of the moves you can do with the TRX bands

Leigh hung ours from the back of the bleachers

I was excited when Leigh mentioned it to me, I think my ears literally perked up!!  Give this girl an option of trying a new workout, and you will get my interest right away!  I love shocking my body and since that has been some new goals of mine, it was a great opportunity to learn something new before heading into a month of travel!  SO, we took it to the track and did the following 4 times:

  • Run one lap
  • 2 sets of bleachers (run up and down the stairs)
  • TRX
  • Kettle Bells, tubes (biceps), medicine ball (8pds) some pilates/yoga

Leigh doing some of the 'T' exercises (she was not in the actual position, my bad!)

Laugh through the pain 😉 Diagonal leg raises with weighted ball (8pds)

The tubes and kettle balls!!!

Then we took it to the hill.  About 20 walking squats, followed by a sprint up the hill, back down, back up and then abs work.  The first time we did (pilates) corkscrew, jack-knife and then reverse jack knife…these bad boys work EVERYTIME!!   We then ran back down, back up, back down, and back up for some plank work.  I did Rolling Side Planks, followed by extended side plank and ‘wild thing’ pose.  Then it was a few more hill sprints followed by one more lap and then a one lap walking cool down! 

Time to take them down until next Sunday!

It was an AWESOME workout!!  I cannot wait to do it again on Sunday, I might even try to get another one in mid-week (depending on how crazy it is here as we get packed up)!  If you have not tried this yet, GO TRY IT!!!!!  So for some eats I have been doing BIG towards a ‘Clean Eating’ over haul!  I am trying to do everything in my power to get my guts in order on my own; however, they are still in pretty rough shape.  That is okay, I will keep at my clean eating, food logging, and hope it will start to turn around after my system gets used to these new eliminations etc.  So I have been cutting out sugar (I use stevia in the raw or All Natural Fruit Sweet instead).  I have been following a plan from the Clean Eat Diet book that will help me get used to the changes gradually.  I have cut out anything processed, which is pretty much the same as I was doing before.  I have made the meals smaller and more frequent, and I have been careful about which foods I am eating together.  Here are some goods:

Chicken with roasted peppers, spinach and hummus on Organic 7 grain flax bread, plus grilled asparagus

My after workout meal: water, Strawberry Cocoa Oats, 3 egg whites

Grilled Chicken, peppers and spinach wrapped in a Whole Grain Wrap

My ever lovely date balls (1 cup dates, 1/4c almonds. 1Tb flax, 1Tb chia, 1Tb cocoa-mix in processor)

A protein shake before my morning workouts

Grilled chicken and flank (4 oz) salad with some asparagus, 1/2 ww pita, 1 Tb hummus

Obviously I am not eating this in order of appearance, but for an example my meals for the day (Sunday) are:

  1. Protein Shake and banana
  2. Strawberry Cocoa Oats with 3 hard-boiled egg whites
  3. The chicken sandwich shown above
  4. An apple with 2Tbsp Natural Un-Salted Peanut Butter
  5. The Chicken Wrap shown above and 1 date ball

I still had belly issues, but at least I cut out a lot of bits of sugar and fillers.  Gonna keep at the food logging and show it to the surgical clinic on Friday when I go in for  my consult.  Hopefully I am on the right track and the extra bloating etc. will ease off when my body adjusts to the changes!  Besides, the eats are super yummy and I am not feeling deprived.  As weird as it sounds, I get EXCITED to eat my oat parfaits, date balls and tofu pudding.  I think I actually mentioned it about 10 times while doing the running/TRX….the girls will agree 😉

Any new workouts or meals to share?  Are you open to trying new things, or do you like to stick with ‘what you know’?


2 responses to “TRX Training and some GOOOOOD eats!!

  1. Never heard of TRX before – that looks intense! Just made my first peppermint patty green monster for breakfast and I think I’m going to be smiling all day long b/c it feels like I just had a mint chocolate chip milkshake =)

    • Hmmm, that is sounding pretty tasty! Do you use protein powder in yours?? My hub’s fav icecream is mint chocolate chip, maybe I should make him a shake tomorrow and not tell him the ingredients 😉

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