Who got goodies in the mail? This girl!!!

I was happy to read about Carrie’s review of Arbonne products because I was on the hunt for a yummy protein powder/shake!  I got a nice message from Jennifer who offered to send me some goods so I could try them out…Heck, yes!!!  I also got the sports bra I had been waiting to receive since it shipped on February 8th….

So we know I cannot really link to any sites that are specific sales, but I am going to review the goodies I received! 

My awesome swap from Jennifer!

As soon as I opened the package I saw those chews, so I went right for one!  It is so nice to receive goodies like this in the mail when you are hungry and don’t have any snacks on hand! 

THese are soooo good!!! Nice and light, but also satisfy a chocolate craving!

I have learned that I need to get more protein in my diet.  I have a lot of fiber and healthy fats, but not enough protein.  I think that has a lot to do with my constant feeling of exhaustion, this girl is not getting her gas (by gas, I mean fuel).   I  am going to head out for some running and TRX this morning, so I want to make sure I am good to go and don’t get all light-headed!  I cracked open my Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake and served it up with a banana on the side.

A good morning blend!

The protein shake was pretty good!  It was nice and thick without being chalky and pasty!  I like the flavor, it is a rich chocolate instead of a grainy attempt!  I have a vanilla one in the fridge that I will use before my run on Monday morning!  I am also going to use a detox tea today and an energy fizz before I bust out my YM level 2 this evening! 

I have heard these were pretty good!!

 Those reviews will be in my next post!  So far I am really liking these items, and once we are done our moving process from Asia to Europe I am going to get my hands on some of the chews and protein!!!  Gotta love trying new things finding some great ‘go to’ items to keep you healthy!!!  Thanks, Jennifer!!!!

NOTE: I am not endorsing or selling any products, I am not affiliated with Arbonne.  I was given some products to test and review, that is all!

As I mentioned I got my new sports bra!!  This was exciting news because I had been waiting since the beginning of February to get this in the mail!!!  Gotta love the MPS black hole…sometimes you get things fast, sometimes they show up months after you have given up on them!  I was desperate for this bra because I cannot just go out and buy a sports bra (or any other bra for that matter).  I have to order a specialty size, and let me tell you, they come at a specialty price.  So here is the one I got:

No, that is not me 😉

It offers: “Four levels of support. Designed for women by women. No matter your shape or size, Shock Absorber sports bras are unlike all others: cooling performance fabrics, unique support levels, impeccable designs. It’s time to maximize your workout!”  I wore it yesterday for our family run, and again today for my TRX/Running workout…it is great!  It keeps me supported, no bouncing when I run, and it is pretty comfortable!  I am very pleased to FINALLY have a decent running bra to workout with, hooray!!!!!

What makes your workouts better?  What new things have you tried?  Do you have trouble finding a good sports bra?


3 responses to “Who got goodies in the mail? This girl!!!

  1. Energy gels make my runs easier but I try to only use them on long runs & races – those things are expensive! I like the Clif gels and the Honey Stingers the best, and I could eat the Powerbar gel blasts for breakfast 🙂

    Sports bras aren’t a problem b/c I don’t exactly have a lot to manage up there haha but my Spibelt is my absolute favorite workout accessory!

  2. That sounds like a great sports bra!!!

    I never have heard of Arbonne before. They sound like they have great stuff too. And goodies in the mail is the best. Like Christmas morning for adults. LOL

  3. oh yay!! awesome arbonne goods!! sharing the love! looks like an awesome sports bra!!!!!!!!

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