A day to celebrate my family!!!

This day was a day that really gave me a moment to see first hand what ways I can motivate and lead my children.  I want my sons to feel active, healthy and supported.  I want to show them, through my own actions, how important it is to take care of yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle, and take care of your family members.  Today really helped that message shine through!!

Our Family Fun Run today....James' first race!

We went together as a team and even had a little friend of James running with us!  We only did the mile since James is not much of a runner, yet.  We wanted to make sure he didn’t feel overwhelmed for his first race! 

Before the race

James and Charlie 🙂

James did really well.  He kept taking off at a sprint, so I was trying to show him how to slow down and pace himself a bit (a lesson I am STILL working on).  I had him holding my hand a few times along the way just to keep him at a slow, easy pace.

Hard to tell, but I am giving my "Rock On" pose...tongue out like a rock star 😉

I think James preferred holding Charlie’s hand while running!!  That and stopping for water!

Gotta love having a running buddy!

Speaking of running buddy, I had my awesome Hub!!  This poor guy came out and pushed the (non)running stroller even though he has a broken toe and busted knee!!  He was hurting bad, and I think it hurt him even more that he has been setting PR’s for the last month, and then got stopped by a handle on a man-hole during a night run!  He came out and gave Gavin some fun in the stroller, and showed how much this family run meant to him!

Small strides = less pain???? Not really, but he took one for the team!

We had a great time overall!  When we came around after our first loop (2 loops to get 1 mile) James was thinking he was done….I felt bad telling him he had another 1/2 mile loop to go!

He was sprinting to finish......the first lap 😉

We kept going strong for the 2nd loop.  I made him stick by me and continue to run/jog slowly so he could make the full loop without walking!!  We were so proud of him!!  We made sure to all finish together as a family in order to show him that we are a TEAM, we stick together and finish as one!

Yay, Groffs!!

Now come the medals and the REAL look of pure joy on James’ face.  He loved getting that medal and hearing people cheer him on…he loves the attention (not sure where he gets it….ahem….me)!

Loving that medal!

The Running Groffs post race

Our little team...Gavin was not interested in the photo op 😉

 It was a great day!!!  It was rewarding to see James accomplish a goal and I am hoping he gets the ‘running bug’ so we can do this more often!  We enjoyed some rest for the day, a trip to the grocery store to get my Clean Eating staples and then it was off to Eric’s ‘Hail and Farewell’…pictures will be posted tomorrow.  He received a nice little speech, a super cool plaque and the gift of knowing we will soon be on our next adventure together as a family.  I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for putting up with the crazy hours and work my husband has been doing for the past three years!  It is nice to get a pat on the back sometimes, military life can be tough on spouses, and just having someone acknowledge it really makes you feel better 🙂  So proud of my husband and all the hard work he did here!  In the military it is pretty well-known that the mission comes first and the family next….my husband always makes sure we feel like we are the ONLY priority, even when we can’t be!  He truly is a hero!

Proud of my Hub and all he does!

 To finish up my night of celebrating my family, I brought the kids home so Eric could enjoy/celebrate his last Beer Pong Battle with the ‘Cryo Boys’.  James and I kicked back and watched some “Jumanji”, I guzzled water and he munched on popcorn.  Gavin passed out and drooled so much I had to change my shirt (love it)!! 

Love cuddles with my boys!

Ending note: I am proud of myself tonight because there were so many yummy foods at this party, so many treats and things I would normally go over board with!  Tonight, however, I stuck to the veggie tray (no dip for me) the fruit tray (lots of fresh pineapple, berries and grapes) and the grilled chicken (no sauce).  I even had cake in reaching distance but instead of eating  the 1 inch by 1 inch pieces of cake, I took one bite only 🙂  I feel good, not weighed down and heavy, so that makes me feel good about passing on the treats!!

How do you celebrate your family?  What new things have you tried (as a family, alone, or with someone else)?  How do you feel after you stick to your healthy plan and not give into the treats?


4 responses to “A day to celebrate my family!!!

  1. You all are so awesome 🙂 Love that picture of your son kissing the medal – hold onto that for when he gets older and starts winning races on his own!

    • It is funny because after the race he would not take it off…even while grocery shopping :). Cannot wait to see you get that race face on April 30th (is that the right date?)

  2. Oh m gosh, what an adorable family! I loved this post! You all are so precious, I couldn’t but help but smile the entire time while reading 🙂 I’m a new follower, but I love your blog!

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