Blog Down, I repeat BLOG DOWN!!!!

So I made the mistake of linking to one of the workouts I do as a way to NOT copyright….well, that back fired and ended up locking me out of my blogging account.  Oops.  I will only mention items and not link to them, just to be safe.  So, how about we talk about some food and some exercise!!!

SO glad my blog is back up and running again!!!! (source)

 So here we go, a little bit of catch up!!!  I mentioned that I was having some leg trouble and came to the realization that it is a shin splint in my right leg.  I took it easy for three days, no running.  Instead I did my Turbo workout and then had my rest day on Tuesday, as planned.  This morning (Wednesday) I got up at 4:30 to go for a ‘how does it feel’ run.  I had no plan for distance, I set my Nike+ to ‘basic workout’ and just went.  I watched my pace, and made a mental effort to keep it slow and steady so I was not over-doing it.  I was really trying to see how I was running: are my feet rolling in, am I shuffling, am I leading from my heels (thus, causing the shin splint)????  It was not that I was over-thinking, I was seriously trying to see what kind of runner I am.  So I have learned….I lead from my heels. I press from my inner toes, not my outer toes.  I don’t lift my legs very much, and I think that is causing the lead legs.  I am really glad I took my time today to really listen to my body.

I should listen to my feet more often, I seem to learn a lot from them!

I felt a little sore since my left leg was over compensating no matter how much I told it to leave the right leg alone and let it fend for itself.  I stretched really well afterwards and tried to stretch continuously throughout the day!  In another area, today was a pretty sad day…it was my last day of work.  That meant I had to say goodbye to my 8 little best friends that have been a big part of my life over the past year.  I felt a knot in my stomach the whole day because I could see the disappointment on their faces, and I knew I was just as sad to be losing them!  It is not always easy to be a teacher…it is a job that follows you home and seeps into the weekends, but all of the hard work is WORTH IT when you see them learn and watch them reach their goals!!!

So true; however, it is worth every stress!!!
Teachers learn so much from students, and the only way I can teach is to treat my kids like people, friends and fellow educators.  I gain their respect because I offer respect to them, BIG TIME!  I listen to them, take their thoughts seriously, and always use their suggestions!  I tell them stories of me as a horrible student, a naughty kid, an accident prone klutz and just an overall goofball.  They love it, they respond to it, and I have always had a great relationship with ALL of my kids because of it!  When they see you as a person who cares, they will learn from you and respect you in ways that will melt your heart!  I would post a picture but due to confidentiality regulations I am not allowed, but know they are one cute batch of 2nd graders!!!  I was honored to have a few nice reminders of my time with them!

A signed plaque from the teachers and my students

The envelopes are full of notes from all of my students! The parents made this for me 🙂

Flowers from the teachers! I also got a bouquet AND some angel food cake!!

In order to sooth my aching heart, the Hub cooked me up some Flank Steak!!  I made some of the Atheias All Natural Sweet Potato Fries, and we grilled up some veggies to serve alongside.  It all turned out really good!  The fries were nice and crispy but had a nice soft sweet taste them, the guys even liked them!!

A side salad with homemade yogurt spice dressing

The sweet potato first time EVER having them!

My meal....a little messy, I was cutting and sharing with Gavin 😉

So after a nice meal, I decided to digest a bit and work on James’ homework with him.  Then after doing skip counting, patterns, ending sounds, and reading I headed upstairs to blast out a Yoga Meltdown workout before bed!  Is it weird that I absolutely LOVE this workout???  Either way, it felt great and it really helped stretch out my legs…here’s hoping they will feel better by the end of the week 🙂

Well, now I have a lot of catch up to do: recipes, runs, and a package of goodies I have been given to review and share on here!  How do you handle a set-back or a blip in your everyday routine?  What do you look forward to most about blogging (reading or writing)?


One response to “Blog Down, I repeat BLOG DOWN!!!!

  1. I was so confused when your site was down, glad you’re back in action! Set-backs… usually I reach for chocolate and go somewhere quiet to recollect my thoughts hahaha What I look forward to most about reading blogs is when I know someone has a big event coming up (like a race, house party, etc.) and I want to see how it went, or just following relationships (like when is one of my blog friend’s boyfriends ever going to propose to her…). Writing – I like making stuff funny for other people – if I can make my coworkers laugh out loud at something, it was worth the time to write it 🙂

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