Weekly Goals March 21st-27th

I had a pretty good week last week!!  My belly has still been giving me a lot of trouble, which can cause some frustration in the weight loss/feeling lean department!  Some of the goals got switched around but let’s see how I did!!

No matter what I am happy with how hard I have been working!!

1.  Take 2 rest days:  Make these two days with no working out, and really just take it easy, rest and stretch it out!  Yes!!  It was a little bit easy to do because I felt pretty sick this week and had some serious leg pain!

2.  Make a new goal that is set for distance only.  Keep it attainable and reasonable for the hectic schedule I have.  This week the goal is to run 16K total.  It doesn’t matter how long the runs take, I just want the distance! This was not attained due to the pain mentioned above.  I did  start interval training and also ran an impromptu 5K race on Saturday!!  My overall distance this week was: 12K…I am 4K behind on my goal…IT IS OKAY!

3.  Learn how to pace myself better-  Try for one endurance run this week.  No set numbers, just go as far as I can!  Set a new interval training program in order to help my endurance.  I am hoping to be running 5 miles by the end of this month!  Still having trouble slowing pace and finding a way to maintain without burning out.

4. Eat more protein- and be sure to eat natural, healthy foods as fuel, don’t try to skimp out on foods, I need to learn to give my body what it needs through trial and error!  Ate more nuts, seeds and tofu this week to increase my protein.  I cooked more lean meats to make sure I had at least two times a day!! 

5.  Stress Less and let it go: The things that are stressing me about our move, green card, and a recent family loss are out of my control.  I need to accept them, let the stress go and give up trying to control.  Things will happen the way they are supposed to, I just need to be along for the ride!  I did do better with this goal!!  I tried to just let my mind go a lot more and not over think.  Once I set my endurance goal, I just let go of worrying about how I was running.  When I ran the 5K on Saturday I did not worry that I walked twice for 30 seconds, I just listened to my body and STILL finished faster than my last 5K race!!  I had a devastating family loss this past week and I just tried to focus on the positive memories rather than the future loss!

Set the RIGHT kind of goals for yourself!!!



1.  No little bits of snacking: I might be off weight watchers, but I want to make a meal plan, stick to it without straying, and log what I eat.  I need to keep better track so I am managing my emotions and times that I grab a few bites out of boredom!!

2. Two rest days again:  This is going to be a goal staple until it becomes a habit to me!  Rest days this week are: Tuesday and Friday.

3.  Get leg back in running shape: My right leg is seriously hurting me.  It comes and goes but after looking into it and getting some help from friends, I have realized it is a shin splint.  I need to get new shoes and I need to keep up with the ‘listening to my body’ goal!  I am going to stretch before and after my runs, NO EXCUSES!

4.  Switch it up: I want to switch up my workouts a bit so my body does not get too comfortable!  I am doing: 45 min Turbo Kick, Shred level 2, and Yoga Meltdown level 2 this week.

5.  Get my house organized and ready to be packed up: This is something that is stressing my husband out, so I need to be diligent to make sure I am doing EVERYTHING I can to ease his load!  He has a million appointments, out proccessing, and other stuff to worry about.

6.  Print these goals off and tape ’em to the fridge: I got off track a bit last week because I did not have these printed out and I honestly forgot what some of my goals were.  Not this time.  I am being sure to keep on track with all goals!!

What are your goals for the week??????  Do you struggle with some goals more than others (ie: stress, exercise, eating right)?



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