Guest Post and Family Day!!!

It is Sunday here, woo hoo!!  That means ‘Pancakes and UFC’, cooking for the week and we also have a little date with a Ramen Noodle House later in the day with friends.  Weird thing: I don’t eat ramen, so I am packing a bento to take for myself.  I also have a GREAT read for you all…..

I could give you a great list of suggestions in the book department 🙂

No, not a book ~ a great BlOG!!  I get MUCH inspiration from this wise lady!  She is an amazing inspiration and a wealth of knowledge!  I was fortunate to do a guest post for her which you can check out here, but also I want you to really look around her blog!!  There are so many great pages and posts that could keep you reading all day like this one about reaching your goal.  Or this one that shares my thoughts on cheat days.  Lastly, here is one I enjoy that shows how to include your significant other into your fitness lifestyle!  I could link to many more, but I want you to go check them out for yourself 🙂  ENJOY!!!

So yesterday was a family day (after my 5K).  I wanted to spend time with all three of my boys and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I suffer A LOT from mom guilt, I never see James in the morning and I am not there when he gets home from school.  It is hard to not be a part of his day until dinner time.  This will be different in about 3 days.  It will be my last day of work and even though my heart is breaking at the thought of leaving my students (they start a new school year in April, so I am not leaving them mid-year), I am happy to be ‘just-a-mom’ again.  All you moms out there know that there is no such thing as “just-a-mom” because being mom is more than just wiping noses and making lunches.  A mom is the be all and end all….if you ask me 😉

You got that right!!

Before working, James and I were always going on little day adventures to different parks, beaches, shops, markets, and play centers!  I worry that he is acting out a bit because he doesn’t have those time with mom anymore AND he is now sharing mom with his little brother.  I worry about Gavin because I think he is going through a “are you seriously leaving me here” stage in terms of child care.  He is more attached than before and I don’t want him to feel that I am detaching from him.  These feelings will go away, I am sure, once I am with them more since I won’t be working for our first year or so in Germany!  In order to tap into those fun Mommy/James days, we went to Comprehensive Park yesterday as a whole family!  First we started off feeding some old friends:

Feeding the ducks...just like the old days 🙂

Then we re-created one of my favorite photos from when James was ready to turn 4 years old….

James 2011

James 2009

Then the boys wanted to explore a tomb that was set in the ‘jungle’ area.  James thought it was cool to go check it out with Daddy!!

Up, up, up!

Made it to the top!

Gavin was so excited the whole time, can’t you tell???

He fell asleep in the car on the way there...

Soon enough we were at the playground and ready to have some fun!  James took off like a rocket as soon as we got there, he wanted to climb through the tunnels and slides!  Once Gavin woke up we took him for a little bit of fun of his own!

This bouncing is kinda fun!!

He loved just smacking all of the 'balls'

James was entertaining himself by sitting on the hill behind us watching the kids play a mix-up of tennis and basketball….on the same court!!  He looked so peaceful…

Sometimes it is fun to just observe!

Then, we decided to all get on the hill and play around…of course that meant mama needed to take tons of nice pictures of her cute boys! 

Gavin makes a kiss face whenever we say his name now! James is patient and smiles it out 🙂


Was aiming for a kiss, but a smile is just as nice!

This is what my world revolves around!!! No matter if I am working or not, they know they mean everything to me!

We had such a great time just playing around, walking the whole park, and just feeling care-free!  It was great to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without all of the cold wind we have been having!  It is so important to just enjoy the simple things in life and set all of the mundane stresses aside!  Looking at these boys, makes me realize that all of those other things really do not matter in the whole scheme of things!   As long as my family is healthy and happy, I can take a sigh of relief knowing that I am doing something right!

How do you like to enjoy the simple things?  What is your ideal family day? Do you have nice family-friendly parks in your area that you love to hang out at?


3 responses to “Guest Post and Family Day!!!

  1. Those are lovely family photos! What a cute baby!

  2. Lovely photos. We have great family parks close to where we live. Today we took out boys on a walking trail by a river and let them play in the water for a while. They loved it.

  3. I can’t wait to have kids =)

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