Some new eats and my 2nd St.Patty’s 5K!

I started my 10K interval training program this week and am happily using it to help build up my endurance!  First day was on Thursday and it went very well!  In other news, I decided to get some new yum-yums in my mouth this week, AND I decided last night I would run a St.Patty’s 5K this morning!!

Last minute decision....thought I was not going to be able to go! A change of plans at dinner time had me getting my camel pak ready for the run!

First a little note about my interval training.  I had my first day on Thursday and was honestly surprised at how much more difficult it was than I had expected!  I started out really quick and realized I wanted to speed it up at the end and not burn out!  I did a 5 minute warm-up and a 5 minute cool-down (brisk walking) and then timed the running portion only.  I did just over 2 miles of intervals in 19:26min.  Not too bad, it was a 9:39/mile including the walking portions.  I used this 5K run as a mix-up before doing another round of interval training on Monday.  I was up at ’em pretty early because Gavin was having a ROUGH night and I honestly was worried I would not have the energy to go.  I pulled up my big girl pants, threw some chia seeds on my toast and plastered a smile to my face!

Is my smile convincing??

I got all signed up for the race, and then hung out reading my ‘Clean Eating’ magazine and making a plan for dinner while I waited for the run to start.  The weather was extremely nice considering the cold windy days we experienced this week!!  It warmed up pretty fast and right before I was about to start, my camel pak leaked a TON of water down my back….camel pak, you’re fired and that is my final decision!  I was able to get some water into a water bottle, but that was not enough for this run.  I got a little over heated right around the half-way point so I took in some water, walked QUICKLY and like MacGyver, I pulled gum out of my shoe…..huh, what??

I did not have any other place to keep it. Note the shoe on the right has the swapped out gum…no littering from this gal!!

I hit a couple points where that ‘ol sun was beating on me and my water was gone.  We all know that I cannot run without a large supply of water…I am destined for the bushes when I get thirsty because for some reason I just get weak and dizzy.  I just took some deep breaths and cheered myself on!!  I ended on a nice pile of hills, those were not very cool, AT ALL!!  Between the heat and the lack of water, I just knew it was better to pace it out and not try to sprint those last few hills.  My finish time was 29:29 with an average pace of 9:29/mi, the fastest mile was 8:45…that was when I had water 😉  I didn’t take pics while I was running, but after I finished I drove the route and grabbed some shots!

We ran the perimeter of Torii had some pretty views!

Our directions along the way!

The non-alcoholic green beer...none for me, but a cool idea!

A 6-pack of beer for the fastest runner!!!

Back at home with my race shirt 🙂

Now I am going to throw a TON more pictures at you!  I got some new eats at the grocery store AND I also made some new yummy treats to enjoy! 

I found a new line of organic breads at our grocery store! I got the 7 Grain with Flax! It was great with my Natural PB and Chia before the run!

I have NEVER tried Sweet Potato Fries, so I thought these all natural's were a safe way to start!

Let me give these a try on busy nights when I need some quick veggies!!

Not new, but super yummy! Grapes, carrots with hummus, toasted pita with homemade guacamole!

Now THIS was new!

That yummy bowl above is something I tried out according to post-run and full cramp (yes, those) cravings! Half an apple (will peel it next time, the skin made it hard to spoon up) drizzled with just about 1Tb melted all natural PB, sprinkled with chia seeds and a little bit of my homemade chocoalte honey granola.  I had the oven still heated from broiling the pita (500F) and so I placed this in the oven for 2 minutes, THEN turned off the heat and left it in the oven for another 4 minutes.  When it came out I had a gooey ramikin full of deliciousness!!  Seriously, how good does that look?  We then spent a family day at the park (this will be in my next post with a different topic) and we stopped by the market to grab some goodies.  I wanted to try out a recipe from the magazine (as mentioned before) ~  I will post the recipe in separate post, but what I made was: Flank Steak Panini with a spinach and blue cheese sauce!!  Uh, hello ~ SO GOOD!!  Here is a pic of the flank and the sauce:

This sauce was so yummy mixed with the spices on the flank steak!

Here it is all assembled (this is my husband's, mine was on a wheat tortilla and it fell apart 😉 )

This meal was a double bonus!  Not only was it amazing, but it was a great way for my husband and I to BOTH be involved in the process.  I let him chose the spices and seasoning for the flank since he was grilling it, and I prepared the sauce and the paninis!  Even though mine fell apart, I made sure to assemble perfect little bites (OCD, there was no other way in this girl’s world)!  I am still satisfied from my meal and did not need a dessert or evening treat!  I made sure to have that earlier with my apple concoction!!  Isn’t it great when you have something so yummy that seems so bad but it is really full of good for you ingredients.  Ahhhh I am going to relish in that simple enjoyment while I go relax with my loves before turning in for the night!  Happy Saturday! 

What do you love about eating ‘clean’?  Ever do a run/race on short notice, and how did you do?  What new foods/recipes have YOU tried out lately?


2 responses to “Some new eats and my 2nd St.Patty’s 5K!

  1. Wow I love your shoes!! And thsoe race t’s are sweet!

  2. I like being able to eat as much as I want without feeling guilty – I mean just TRY feeling bad about eating a whole pint of blackberries in one sitting =)

    New foods: just made an awesome curry quinoa salad!

    Your camelbak leaked? I never thought of that, it’s on my shopping list this weekend to get a hydration backpack – summertime is coming and it’s BRUTAL to run even a 5k without constant water in Orlando :0P

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