Clean Eating, Happy Belly and the dreaded St.Patty’s Fare!!

So we have a party at our home for St.Patty’s day each year!  My Hub is Irish/German…so he loves beer.  A LOT.  I don’t drink, so I just cook all of his Irish Food requests for said party!  My stomach cannot really handle that heavy food, so I usually have a l’il something else instead!  Want to enjoy St.Patty’s while eating clean?  Here are some ways!!!

But first, a look at how the Okinawa gang usually celebrate at our home 😉

My Chug-a Hub!!

My husband insists on making weird faces (or lack there of) in photos...I have no idea why!

My husband showing how to 'fake kiss'....this was too weird for me!

These boys are known for their partying ways!  Between the green beer,  scotch eggs (not really scotch), Irish Stew (made with beer), Corned Beef and Cabbage, Soda Bread, Blarney Brownies, and key lime pie they are usually rowdy and FULL by the end of the night!  I can never handle the food OR the beer, so I just sit back and watch them make fools of themselves while I get proof on camera 😉 

Again with the fake kiss and again with my husband's random 'stare' out into nowhere!

So now onto some eats that this belly can be happy about!!!  If you have not tried a ‘Green Monster’ than I demand suggest you give it a try….like, NOW!!!  A good way to start your St.Patty’s Day would be this…no?

Courtesy of, the very amazing, Angela over at 'Oh She Glows'!

A very tasty and healthy Peppermint Patty Green Monster!  It looks way too good to be healthy and full of antioxidants, but let me tell you: delicious cannot get much healthier than this!!  As you move onto your lunch/dinner why not whip up a side of Gluten Free- Vegan Soda Bread ?  This is an Irish staple, and so very tasty…

Recipe by One Sweet Vegan!!!

Or, how about some Cilantro Lime Rice to add a nice light ‘fresh’ taste to your table!!!  This looks so yummy, I am a sucker for cilantro…so, I will take a second (and third and fourth serving if you please!!)

Fresh and tasty courtesy of 'The Bakery Box!!!

I know you need some stew added to the mix!  This can get weighed down, but there is no reason to sacrifice taste in order to ‘clean it up’ a bit!  This “Hearty Winter Bison Stew” is an amazing recipe that will be a hit whether the eaters are ‘clean’ or not!!!

Serve this with some Soda Bread and you are SET! Courtesy of Clean Eating Magazine!

Now we also need to pay homage to the beloved (not by me) Corned Beef and Cabbage!  There is still a way to eat clean and enjoy this traditional favorite!!!  Check out this yummy version that was made up over at ‘Fat Free Vegan Kitchen!

Even I could enjoy this one!!!

Another recipe that NEEDS to be served at any well respecting Irish Gig would have to be Shepherd’s Pie.  I go weak in the knees over this stuff.  I could lap it up by the pound!  I was very excited to see this recipe through Clean Eating because I knew it would become a staple in my home!  So here is the recipe for Shepherd’s Pie with Buttermilk-Chive Mashed Potato Crust *quite a mouthful, huh?  Yes, pun is intended!)

This would have to be PRIED from my fingers!

Okay, now that I have drooled over these yummy main meal ideas, it is time to move onto the sweet stuff.  So glad I can indulge in these healthy treats 🙂  One of my most favorite treats is cheesecake.  I make a very (unhealthy) amazing Brownie Caramel Cheesecake, but for this occasion I will stay on target with an equally delicious Mint Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake…there is NO WAY you can resist this!!

This New Yorker knows what she is going! I am a huge fan!!

Do you love the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies?  I eat them by the box, not really, but kinda!  I found this recipe and although it is healthy, I could still eat the whole batch!!!  Sink your teeth into these lovely little babies!

Tessa is gorgeous and talented in the kitchen..what more could you ask for?

Okay, last one!  This is an amazing recipe for to-die-for fudge!  Plus, there is a bonus ~ two versions are available: orange and mint!  If there is two versions of anything chocolate, I am on board!!  Go check out these little friends, I don’t have a picture so you need to REALLY go check it out in order to see this amazingness that is this fudge!!!!

Okay, people!  So there you have it…my hopes for a clean eating, happy belly St.Patty’s Day with all of my crazy friends and non-clean-eaters!  I will be taste testing a few items here and there but I am truly aiming at just that….taste testing, not indulging!  I have a party planned with my students with a huge potluck; however, I still packed my clean/healthy bento!  My husband is going to be cooking all day tomorrow for the annual party, but I will be doing my own thing meal wise!  Plus, I have my first day of EI10K interval training at 4:30am so I will want to keep a good thing going for the day!

How will you be spending your St.Patty’s???  Do you indulge or try to keep in a healthy routine??  Which recipe do you think you are most likely to try?

2 responses to “Clean Eating, Happy Belly and the dreaded St.Patty’s Fare!!

  1. Love the green afro – party animals 😛

    I’m staying in this St Patty’s but the fiance & his family are going out to a pub. The crowds are really rowdy and I’d rather stay at home with some quality TV/reading time and SLEEEEEP 🙂

  2. haha! Eric was staring at your light for some reason in the pic that you said he’s staring into space! I was griping at him to look at the camera, but he insisted on looking at the light! (I think it was maybe so he wouldn’t have to witness the ridiculousness that is Sam & Jay!!) lol

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