Weekly Goals for March 14-20th

The week started off great, but by the weekend I was super burnt out…I knew I should have listened to the people telling me to slow down!  I need to realize there is a difference between giving up and resting up.  I can rest, but I refuse to give up!

I refuse to let the vultures get the best of me!

1. Run 4 days this week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (short run for speed), Saturday (long run). Ran three days instead of four- 5k Monday,    5K Wednesday, only 3.4K Sunday.  I totally bonked on Sunday and was way too burnt out.  I did not get my long run, that disappointed me.

2 Yoga Meltdown, 2 Shred level 2: I did 2 Shred and 1 yoga meltdown.  Again, too burnt out by Sunday to get the second YM workout

3. Write the self-love notes– DISPLAY THEM!! Blogged the happy note cards that I focused on!!

4. Organize our closets to prep for our pre-move yard sale!!!– This is not something I am looking forward to!! The Hub did a lot of this, and it is still carrying into this week…augh!!!

No matter what, I am working on all of my goals each and everyday.  I keep them in my mind and am very proud when I can check one off!!  These goals keep me going, keep me motivated and keep me accountable

YES IT IS!!! (source)

New Goals

1.  Take 2 rest days:  Make these two days with no working out, and really just take it easy, rest and stretch it out!

2.  Make a new goal that is set for distance only.  Keep it attainable and reasonable for the hectic schedule I have.  This week the goal is to run 16K total.  It doesn’t matter how long the runs take, I just want the distance!

3.  Learn how to pace myself better-  Try for one endurance run this week.  No set numbers, just go as far as I can!

4. Eat more protein- and be sure to eat natural, healthy foods as fuel, don’t try to skimp out on foods, I need to learn to give my body what it needs through trial and error!

5.  Stress Less and let it go: The things that are stressing me about our move, green card, and a recent family loss are out of my control.  I need to accept them, let the stress go and give up trying to control.  Things will happen the way they are supposed to, I just need to be along for the ride!

Again, I ask…what are your goals this week??? 


5 responses to “Weekly Goals for March 14-20th

  1. Protein is something I always watch carefully. I don’t eat meat every day, so I make sure I’m getting it as much as possible by other ways!

    • What other ways do you get protein?? Eggs, etc? I need to make sure to be better at this! I have been adding some nuts, etc to my yogurt and so on, but I really think I am lacking! Augh…so much to remember and keep check of 😉

  2. I love your endurance goal. I want to see how long I can run as time goes on. It’s exciting!

    • Thank you!! I think if I can slow it down and focus on fueling myself and gaining endurance I will achieve my overall goals a lot easier!! I get too caught up in numbers and I think it psychs me out 😉 Going to do some pace training with the Hub so he can keep me on target with a slower pace…this girl cannot slow down and it is hurting me at this point 😉

  3. The great thing about protein is that it’s in all sorts of food! So you don’t have to eat more meat to get more protein!
    My stomach is really sensitive to eggs. So I can only eat egg whites. I always have bacon – YUM, I love it! Also, I make sure I put yogurt in my smoothies. I add cheese to lots of things too. Oh yeah, can’t forget the beans – it seems like most of my dinners incorporate beans! lol!

    and I always keep a ZONE protein bar on me. So when I am running low but don’t have time for a sit-down meal I just grub on that. I found them at the Foster Shoppette – the only place I have found them. they are pretty yummy and come in several flavors.

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