Happy Tuesday….

So after some twittering with Lisa, some advice from Sarah and Eric, I have made a decision about my training…I know that I push a little hard, and expect a lot from myself.  I get ahead of myself and I end up burning out.  I need to slow it down a little bit and realize gradual increases in training lead to long-lasting achievements….so I am going to start and STICK TO the “Ease to 10K Program”.

I struggle with this because I don't want to 'slow down' but I think it is the best way to go without burning out during all of these crazy changes!

I started the C25K program to prep for my first 5K.  I started at 3 weeks and I rushed through it by skipping the last two weeks.  Well now we see my burnt out and trying to do too much, too fast.  This time I am going to stick with this program while also achieving my mileage goal for my last month on Okinawa.  It will make me feel less anxious about the little walking bits when I know I am getting that mileage and prepping myself to run 10K by the time we get settled into Germany (about 2 weeks after we get there). 

I would love any input or comments relating to this because I am seriously having anxiety about the whole ‘walk/run’ thing.  I know there is nothing wrong with it, but I worry that it will seem as if I am regressing by going this route….such a control freak!!!  Case in point- I set out to run as best as I could today…here is before:

Bright Eyed (?) and ready to go at 4:38am...run started at 4:48am

I wanted to go for 3.11 miles (5K) and started out too fast, I have trouble pacing myself and this is a problem.  I feel like I am failing if I need to walk for a few seconds…but I did take 2 mini walk breaks for 20 seconds each.  What happened?  I decided to go as far as I could, but got caught up in the fact that I walked and so instead of taking it easy I sped up to help with my ‘time’…augh!  So of course, that worked against me.  I was glad to get 3.79K with a 9:19 pace which is still good for me, but how did that help me distance wise?  It didn’t.  I need to get over the whole idea of “walking is cheating”…I don’t even know why that crazy idea plagues me!!  So here I am afterwards…disappointed when I should just be happy I got my butt out there at 4:48am!!

Smiling, but kinda pissed at myself....

So this is why I am giving up control, going to do a slow and steady 10k prep program.  I am not going to alter it, I am not going to change it so my numbers are what I think they should be.  I am going to enjoy it, get my 1ok prep goal AND my distance goal all in one shot….I need to care for this body and I think this is the best thing I can do right now!!!  🙂  Okay, enough of that let’s talk about some food, that always makes me smile!!  Here are my yummy eats all packed and ready to go for hump day tomorrow!!

Not packed, but ready to go for my breakkie! Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin, PB2, chia seeds and a banana

5 Tortillini's on the bottom, 3.5oz chicken, homemade tomato sauce and some spinach for lunch

Greek Yogurt Mix Up- grapes, 1/2tsp flax, 1Tb trail mix, 1/2tsp mini choc chips

1/3c tofu pudding, 1Tb Kashi Go Lean, 1/2tsp mini choc chips. 1/2tsp flax...this will be served up with a banana as a snack!

So there are my jumble of thoughts for this Tuesday evening!  Now is time to go cuddle with the Hub and play some old school Mario on the Wii while the kiddos head to bed!! 

Any input about the running plan and goals?  Which snack looks the best, pudding or yogurt?  How do you top yours?


4 responses to “Happy Tuesday….

  1. Girl – you better chill out! You’re stressing me just reading about how anxiety ridden you are over a walk/run plan! ;o)

    Have you ever heard of John Galloway? He invented the plan! It’s a totally respectable way to get better at running. And SERIOUSLY, stop trying to run sub 10min miles! Smell the roses why dontchya! Take it easy, running is FUN but not when you are mentally all over the place. (running isn’t about being scattered it’s about being focused)

    You are amazing at how ambitious and dedicated you are. I love that you spend so much time, thought and consideration in your food prep, your awesome blogging skills and admitting when you need to take it al title easier on yourself – so listen to your own motivational words, re-read your blogs – your doing great!

    Give yourself a break and do the walk/run plan! In the “about me” tab on my blog I talk about how I started out sputtering w/ a walk/run plan and eventually just ran. I wasn’t even doing any research or reading any books at the time. I just decided while I was walking my dog to see how far I could run…and it wasn’t very far! My first ever 5K was somewhere around 35 min, I think. You are seriously knocking it out of the park right now and you don’t even realize it!

    and another thing… seriously, get your bootie to my house sometime this week so I can give you some great motivational books! It’ll be good reading when your flying if you can’t find the time between now and when you PCS to read. It’ll hopefully come just in time for when your motivation is wavering from all the stress of moving. we’ve all been there!

    • Oh…me and chill out never seem to get along 😉 I am a German who is always completely anal and over-analyzing about everything…it is my worst trait! I am taking this plan as an interval training, I plan to put forth all effort during the run and then recover for the walk. I am hoping it will completely enhance my overall endurance (that is what I struggle a lot with)!! I think by doing this and making myself take the ‘thinking’ out of it, will be good for me right now. If I can just follow and not think, I will be way better off!!
      Whenever stressful things are going on I seem to go internal and start trying to take all of the stress onto myself in order to relieve others….that doesn’t help and my husband has told me my efforts at stressing less, always seem to make me more stressed…le sigh 😉
      We are having some people over tomorrow for St.Patty’s I will be home around 5ish, if you want to come over you are MORE than welcome and it will be great to hang out and chat. Lots of Irish Foods and I am sure some goofy drunks 😉

  2. The pudding is definitely the most tantalizing 🙂

    For your walk/run, you could try really booking it on the run portion, then that way you feel like you NEED to walk to chill out – sorta like an interval training session – just an idea. You could also focus on your form and breathing more clearly when you’re walking, like consciously think about your shoulders, how your feet are landing, etc.

    I just did my 2nd day of Jillian’s DVD and totally zonked, but dinner is Japanese-inspired… tofu peanut noodles & salad w/ ginger dressing 🙂

    • That is the plan, I am taking this as interval training so it will help with my overall endurance. I know that I like focusing on my breath a lot because it is something that easily gets away from me (aka: I start sounding like Darth Vadar having an asthma attack). As a yoga teacher you would think I would have better breathing, but I only do well during yoga, when it comes to high impact I struggle with shallow breathing! That Japanese inspired meal is sounding pretty tasty!! I wish there was a way for you to try Goya! Very bitter, but tastes good with egg and tofu, plus it has a million health benefits!!

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