Family weekend and more cooking!

I vowed to make this weekend about my family.  I want to be sure to give James some quality time and some normalcy (he has been seeming anxious about all of the moving chaos).  We wanted rest, relaxation and more importantly, fun!

Obviously not my family, but..when in Rome (er, Japan)

We know that I spent Saturday doing lots of baking, but we also had some other errands to attend to!  I attempted my run in the morning, and right away I felt WAY OFF…I was lifting legs of lead and just felt weak.  To make things more exciting my camel pak leaked all down my back…nope, this run is not happening.  I changed the plan for a FIRST THING IN THE MORNING run on Sunday.  If I wait around before a run, I get tired and always feel sluggish.  An alarm was set for 5:30am (waking up at 5:30 on a Sunday, by choice, in order to run shows at least a little dedication…right?)  Either way there was some family time to attend to!  I wanted to cuddle, play, and just enjoy these two gorgeous kids!

James with his football trophy (side note: he is rocking an Edmonton Oilers Jersey, go Canada)

Enjoying the fresh air

 The weather was all over the place, so we went for a little mini shopping spree at the Y100 shop (Japanese $ Store).  I wanted to get treats for my student goodies bags, AND I needed to get some containers so I can try to organize all of my baking items!  We are so wild and exciting!!

That makes it soooo much easier!!

I wanted to enjoy a nice little mixed plate for a snack/lunch before hanging out some more with the boys.  So we cranked the ‘Classic Rock’ and just hung out…simple and relaxing ~ that is what we need 🙂

Grapes, carrots, banana with choco/coconut butter, 1/2 pita toasted with banana and All Natural PB. YUM!

 Those “Toasted PB Bites” were so yummy.  Is there anything better than banana and melted PB???  Well, maybe if there was chocolate involved!  Gavin ended up in the kitchen with me for a little while (he is such a beggar when it comes to scraps 😉 )  He helped cheer scream at me while I baked all of my new goodies…he may have had a taste or two!  James joined me for my Shred Level 2 workout…he told me my face was really red!  Ha, that is how you know you are working it!

Gimmie some scraps, Mama!!

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling on the sofa with my two boys while watching a movie..I was the first to fall asleep!  I am so lame 😉

Still have yet to get those 8 straight hours....I would be happy with 6 straight hours at this point!

Sunday started off with my 5:30am wake-up!  I was pumped and ready to go tackle my first 5 mile run!  I was literally walking out the door when Gavin woke up with his high-pitched screams and whines…maybe he will go back to sleep if I give him a bottle and some cuddles.  Nope…I got stalled until 8am.  Here is where I made a crucial error ~ I didn’t eat anything.  As soon as Eric woke up I got set up with the camel pak and made my way out the door.  I did a little walking to get to my ‘start run now’ area, drank some water and began.  Wrong, horrible, and frustrating are how I would categorize the 2 miles that I was able to barely get out of me!  Those pesky stars and tunnel vision began, the legs started shaking, and the dizziness set in. 

I need to read this article and become a smarter runner!

I was suffering, I could not believe how hard it was and how weak I felt…this was only 2 miles!!!  I was literally getting p’d off at myself…this is my 5 miler, this is where I meet my final goal of the week, this is my opportunity to see how far I have come.  Nope, this was my opportunity to learn a new lesson.  NEVER RUN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH when you have already been awake for nearly 3 hours!!  I made it home with a very annoying sharp pain in my right leg…I am guessing a ‘no fuel cramp’.  I was pretty upset and overly frustrated with myself!

That is NOT how worn out I should look after a 2 mile run!

Eric really gave me a look of “are you kidding me?” when I told him I hadn’t eaten.  I guzzled some more water and then made up an oatmeal parfait with some chia seeds, granola, banana, and chocolate soy milk. 

This should have been eaten BEFORE the run!

I needed to make sure to get some energy back before our continuation of Family Time!  I went to lay down for a  bit and then got up and ready for us to go have a Japanese Buffet Brunch with the Nanny who used to care for Gavin (she was amazing, and is just like a loving grandmother)!  My goal was to eat as healthy as possible!!

Some fresh fruit, lots of veggies, salad, bits of chicken, and 1/3 c fried rice (I only ate a couple bites of rice, but it was good)

The boys were enjoying their food, too!  Gavin was a little porker, he ate everything we offered up to him!  He also got to enjoy some funny time with Daddy while James enjoyed some cake!

Enjoying the goods!


Yay, this is so much fun!!

James was LOVING this!!

We finished up our yummy meals, took a few more photos with Kinu (the Nanny) and then made our way to the movie theater to watch “Rango”! 

This is not a flattering photo, but I gotta show the love no matter how I think I look in a pic!

The movie was pretty cute, Gavin slept for most of it, and James was seeming a little sleepy as well!  They stocked up with popcorn, but I pre-planned and brought my own snacks: an apple, and a trail mix, go lean, raisin bran mixture (1/2 cup total).  We then made it back home where I went on a “prep for the week” cooking spree!

A batch of salmon, chicken and lentils

I weighed them and measured out single portions of the salmon and chicken so they could be wrapped up for easy access when making lunches!

The very tasty looking salmon!

Next up was to make a new batch of guacamole to go with some toasted Naan!  I used equal parts onion, tomato and cilantro with 1/2 lime and then mashed up the avocado before adding it in the mix!  SO YUMMY!!!

Mix it in, but don't crush it up too much!

Yum, yum, yum!

THEN it was time to compile the recipe I got from OSG- Olive Oil Pasta with Walnuts, Lentils and Red Pepper!  This was so good!  I toasted the walnuts, added all of the other ingredients to the sauce while the noodles cooked.  I toasted the Naan Bread and served that on the side!  I have discovered I am not a fan of lentils “it’s not the taste, it’s the texture”, but at least I gave them a try!  Lentils or not, this pasta was GOOOOOOD!!!

Made sure to save some for lunch tomorrow!!

My last adventure in the kitchen was to be a new type of date ball.  I wanted to get a Chocolate Peanut Butter Date Ball.  I decided that I loved the espresso taste so much from my last batch, that I would try to add that in as well.  Not so successful.  I used a different type of espresso, and even though the balls were delicious I feel like I am eating coffee grinds.  Fail.  So another batch is on its way tomorrow night WITHOUT the espresso!  You cannot succeed without failing first, right??

Sorry, espresso ~ you are going to be left out next time!!

I was pretty tired from all of the cooking and baking so I decided to veg out on the sofa for the rest of the evening.  Sometimes, you need to just stop trying to do everything and just listen to your body.  I think that is a lesson I am struggling to learn.  I want to do it all, do all of the extra running, all of the baking, all of my additional workouts, prepare for a huge move, deal with green card stress, etc.  I worry that if I slow down or miss a day I will get lazy and then regress.  I guess I need to prove myself wrong, take some rest days and then come back with renewed energy for my training!  Sigh, that is so much easier said than done 😉

How do you know when you are burnt out?  Do you worry about taking time off to rest and rejuvenate?  How do you fuel your body so it can handle all you have going on?


5 responses to “Family weekend and more cooking!

  1. How old is your youngest? Just curious… you mention in your blog that you would love to have 6 hrs of sleep. I read a great sleep book recommended to me by a neighbor when Nola was 4 months old and Nola has been sleeping 12hrs a night ever since my husband and I followed the books recommendations. No joke…she is in bed by 6pm and wakes me every morning between 6:30 and 7am. Most of the time I am already awake before I hear her giggling and playing in her crib.

    • He is 11 months old! I need to get my hands on that book!!! He wakes up just for the sake of waking up at this point, he whines and cries a bit (I think he might even be still asleep) then we have to rock him or lay him back down, stroke his hair and then he will go back to sleep. He goes to bed at 8pm and it is a struggle to get him to sleep until 6am. It really has taken a tole on my husband and I! I wake up at 4:30 to run or workout and those interrupted hours of sleep are really starting to hurt!

  2. I think it is super important to rest and rejuvenate!!! Sometimes when I really don’t feel the energy to workout, I don’t. There’s a difference between being lazy and burnt out!! If I’m lazy…I’ll force myself, if burnt out…rest is key!! After a rest day I always feel ready to workout the next day!!

    • I took a rest day yesterday and it made today much better for me. I was hurting a little during my run but that is because I was really needing to work harder at pacing myself…I was going for gold when I really wanted to go for distance…it worked against me in the end 😉 I set a new attainable goal that fits into the crazy month I have ahead of me (packing up, living with no furniture for 2 weeks, going to the states and then moving to Germany). Glad to get your advice, it always makes me feel better when others promote resting and reassure it is not laziness to take a rest day 🙂

  3. I always feel more energized getting a workout done in the morning too. And they are TOO cute in all those photos. 🙂

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