Safe in Japan with some yummy eats and positive thoughts!

Well it has been an interesting 24 hours!  I got home from work yesterday to see a horrible disaster on the Japanese News Channel.  We are on a Southern Island and are quite safe, those in Northern Japan are not so lucky!  Please keep them in your prayers!

Our location

Yesterday was all about eats for me.  I was craving yummy, filling and healthy foods that would really get my taste buds buzzing!  I wanted to try to treat myself to pretty presentation, nice additions and a plan for lots of baking on the weekend.  I spent a lot of time on Angela’s site drooling over the amazing, nurturing, and healthful creations I wanted to make!  But first a couple of my own yummy eats for the day!

Dark Chocolate, Flax and Chia Over night Oats Parfait!!!

I am literally in anticipation to eat my oats everyday on the way to work!!

Yay, I finally get to eat my breakfast parfait!

It was a student’s birthday and so of course, that meant cake was to be had!  I came prepared, though!  I brought some natural peanut butter, my tofu pudding with flax mix up and an always reliable banana!!  The kids were munching on this:

Who's ready for a 3pm MEGA-CRASH??? Not this girl!

I was very happy to assemble my own delicious treat…..of course, all of my students were commenting on my tofu pudding creation while repeating, “Sugar-Off Groff”.  Those kiddies make me smile 😉

Doesn't look so pretty right now, but when I cut it up...

...oh buddy!!! Tell me that does not look YUMMY!!

I was so excited for each and every bite!!!  I was excited to go to the grocery store after I got home because I was compiling a list all day from OSG recipes!!  You know I must have been in the ‘ready to bake’ zone if I was looking forward to spending my Friday night at the grocery store!  Friday night or not, I had a plan for what I was going to make: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites, Chocolate Treat Granola, Pasta with Artichoke, lentil and red pepper sauce, cherry granola bars, and a yummy trail mix to throw onto my Probiotic Yogurt (they are always out of my greek yogurt 😦 ).  Before my exciting grocery trip though, I was spending my time thinking about some other, perhaps more important, things.  Positive Thoughts!  My goal was to give my self-love notes this week and really focus on them.  I sort of improvised a bit by really focusing on (not just writing and forgetting about it) note cards…Since I have had so much stress, I thought some of these really ‘spoke’ to me and my current stresses!!

Instead of thinking I cannot handle a situation, I focused on how I am able to handle ANYTHING!

I am going to carry this one more UNlove for myself!!

How could I expect things to go easy if I focus on how HARD they are?

I studied this one A LOT....that difficult person I wrote about, had a complete 180 out of nowhere!! SUCCESS!!!

I kept my body relaxed, focused on the good, and I just kept a smile on my face the whole day….I cannot believe how many things just ‘came together’ for me!!  Now I am going to make a card that says “Your Canadian Finger Print Documents are coming within 1 week”, I will study that one even while I am sleeping 😉  I think this whole train of thought and focus means I better apologize to Canada for my outburst the other day.  Sorry, Canada!  I am still proud to be Canadian (I show it everyday by saying ‘sorry’ and ‘literally’ a million times a day)!  I hope you will forgive me and allow the finger print letter to come back quickly!!!

Can we be friends again?


For now though, it is time enjoy all of my new baking goodies, bust out a Yoga Meltdown workout and try to tell my head I am not going to be too worn out for my first try at 5 miles in the morning!!  As we all say goodnight (or good morning depending on where you are) please keep Japan in your prayers and keep positive thoughts focused on them!!

Have you ever seen a stressful situation turn around when you re-focused your thoughts to the positive rather than the negative?  If you could change one thing by using positive thoughts, what would you change?


5 responses to “Safe in Japan with some yummy eats and positive thoughts!

  1. im SO glad you are okay! thanks for the diagram- it really put the whole of japan into perspective and such! i thought it was like ALL of japan that got the tsunami- but im dumb!
    LOVE your nanner and tofu pud! much better than that cake!
    YES YES YES honeslty i have become SO MUCH better at looking at things in the positive way rather than the negative!

  2. We’re so relieved to hear you are safe & sound, it was awesome to hear your voice on the phone. Keep safe, keep a positive frame of mind (we can all benefit from that!), and I hope you have a great weekend! And yes, you & Canada can be friends again! We still love you!

  3. Glad you are ok!!!

  4. Glad to hear all is well in your part of the world! I hope the country recovers as quickly as possible- the news has just been crazy…

  5. I was worried about you when I heard about the earthquake, and so glad to hear you’re OK! 🙂

    That banana tofu pudding looks REALLY good… =)

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