Upping the mileage..gimmie some good eats!!

So I am now determined to up my mileage and really go for a new (VERY BIG TO ME) goal!!  As I stated in my weekly goals, I am going to start a 10K training program…

I can DO IT!!!!

I am still deciding what program is best for me.  I was going to go for the Nike+ training; however, that plan is for people who are already running 10-12 miles a week….I am not.  I know there are some really good programs, so while I see which is the best fit, I am going to spend my week like this:  5K Monday (check AND with a new PR of a 9:28/mi)!!  Another 5K Wednesday (tomorrow) and then as close to 8K as I can get on Saturday!!  Let’s see how I hold up….

Sorry Homer, I will TOTALLY pass you!!!

I am seriously hoping the guts are feeling better tomorrow, because I have another case of the ‘Tuesdays”!  I am not sure what is going on, but really this should not happen (extreme gut ache and bloat) this frequently!!  Either way, I lost my mind for about 45 minutes tonight and got a little carried away….I ate a little homemade veggie pizza (grilled), a Coffee Crisp bar from Canada and then a couple bites of James’ mac and cheese.

My dad sends these out with every package so I can get my fix 😉

I really LOVE veggie pizza!!!

I am here to admit that the worst time for me, when it comes to NON-intuitive eating, is when I am stressed!  Today, I was more than stressed.  I was a little teary, emotional, and overwhelmed most of the day.  There is SO much going on that I am having a hard time filtering everything so that I don’t get caught up in stuff that can really be pushed aside.  It is annoying, but anxiety is a close family friend.  It has been hanging around for years, it acts like a best friend, when really it is kryptonite.  I just need to figure out a way to kick it out the door once and for all!!


Okay, that is out of the way…let us look at some of the goodies I have been eating!!!  So first up, I tried a new way to eat my quinoa!  I know I mentioned I wanted flavor, SO I decided to make ‘Taco Quinoa”.  Taco Rice is very popular over here, but I don’t want the rice!  I made up my quinoa, and warmed up my ‘Morning Star Beef Crumbles’…


Yay for all natural, non-beef crumbles!!  I mixed in a little taco seasoning with the crumbles before putting it on top of the quinoa.  I added tomato, spinach, and 1T part-skim mozzarella!  I threw a little salsa on top, just for a little extra flavor….OH, YES!!!!  This was YUMMY!!!

My yummy Taco Quinoa in the good 'ol bento!!

Next, I wanted to do a nice sweet version of quinoa so I whipped out the pineapple and decided to use up some leftover grilled chicken!  I used the magic bullet to mix up 1/3c pineapple, 1.5tsp brown sugar, 2 tsp soy sauce, and a pinch of salt.  I mixed it up into a puree and poured it over the chicken which was layered over the quinoa…Success #2!!!!

So delicious!! Sweet Pineapple Chicken Quinoa!

Then I let the Hub take over to make a nice Mahi Mahi dish for me!  He grilled up the fish and made a delicious tomato/mango/red onion salsa to go on top!!  I loved the sweet of the mango mixed with the zing of the red onion!!  I have never had mango salsa before….yes, I am serious!!

I could have eaten both servings of Mahi Mahi!!

We served that with a little corn and some Spanish rice.  I was not really feeling the rice, so I only ate a tiny bit.   This was so good, I think I commented on each and every bite!!!  So there are some yummy eats that I have been enjoying with a side order of stress….the food tasted better than the stress 😉

Time to say goodbye to this old friend!

So now, I am going to just read a bit and try to get a good rest so I can do my 2nd 5K run this week.  Going to aim for the same time since it will be outside (Monday was on the treadmill) and I am just going to use it as a way to shake off all of the craziness that is trying to take me down 🙂

What kind of things stress you out?  Are you able to let things roll off back or do you stew for a bit?  Which yummy meal looks the best to you?? 


6 responses to “Upping the mileage..gimmie some good eats!!

  1. Hey – way to go with your running! Just remember – up your mileage only by 10% a week. AND it is better to have a focus either on your time increasing or your mileage and not both at the same time (for right now). Being proficient at one or the other is way more important than going longer faster immediately.
    I am a natural stress ball so really most things stress me out – I thrive off of routines! I’m so type-a! lol! If I do find that there are things (mainly people) stressing me – I confront it head on or via email – sometimes I can be too harsh face to face and email lets me say what I want in a much less aggressive way and it gets the lines of communication opened up!

    • Hey, I hear you!!!! I am dealing with someone that makes it basically impossible to have a winning outcome! Smile and nod, it is all I can do until they eventually tire themselves out 😉 I am going for time on my 3mile runs, but this weekend I am slowing down and going for distance. I am hoping I can get a good, slower pace in order to get me 5 miles…but doesn’t that seem way too big of a jump?? That is the Nike+ program and adding 2 miles right off the bat seems like a lot to me!! What plan would you recommend???

  2. hi!! when training with my running group back home, i always (and still pretty much do) run for amount of time during the week, usually 3-4 days, anywhere from 20-50 minute runs. of course, the beginning of training season, starting with 20 minutes. the distance day (saturdays) we would run miles and increase about 1 mile per week. sometimes we would up 2 miles, but only when you have a good base and you are higher in mileage. i trained for 2 marathons doing it this way, not running more than 40-50 min each time during the week (usually 30 min). you eventually get faster…! we would also do hill or speed workouts, again, only after you have your base mileage.
    right now, since i am not training for anything, and just keeping up with running til i figure out what race i want to run, i am just running 4 times a week, again, running just for a set amount of time during the week.
    that said….what’s the plan for sat? i am down for 4-5 miles, whatever you want to tackle. 🙂

    • That sounds good. I really didn’t want to over do it since I have run 5K each running day since Saturday. I think I will go for 4 miles, and then 5 miles NEXT Saturday! I was thinking of trying out Comprehensive Park but I think it might not be lighted…then again, it is getting lighter, earlier! You want to go there and do a 4-miler? 6:30am?

  3. Hey! YAY for new goals and new food!! Check out Bridge to 10K (B210K) program.. it is same creator from C25K and pretty good 🙂
    Love the quinoa taco idea!! As for being stressed- I learned that if i am BORED or ANGRY I can eat like it is nobody’s biz!!! As for anxiety and stress, I tend to just stop eating…. i know, i am weird. I think the first step is just noticing when and why you are doing it! Second is to find something else.. or like this week I am trying whole sunflower seeds as a snack at work because I am eating less but my mouth is active 🙂 You will figure it out!

  4. Taco quinoa – that’s right up my alley 🙂 So glad you got onto the quinoa hehehe Anxiety, hmm, about almost everything these days! We’re going through a marriage prep course right now and I’m anxious about other couples judging us (it’s through a church), and anxious to be married already! Also anxious to get some free time, it’s been a cuhraaazy week so tomorrow we’re going to a shrimp boil party with friends and a beach weekend with parents – some very much needed R&R!

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