Weekly Goals March 7th-13th

Okay, so I reached my goals, but I swapped the Shred and Yoga Meltdown goals…explanation below!  I have a whopper of a new goal though, so this is going to really test me out!!!  I refuse to back down now!!!

I am not going to go too far with expectations for myself 😉

So here is how I did:

  1. Run 2 miles on Monday and on Wednesday to prep for the 5K run on Saturday (Woo Hoo!!!) YES!!!  Even though I was ill, I ran and upped my speed!!
  2. Do the Shred 2 times and Yoga Meltdown 1 time (go for two if feeling up for it without tiring for the 5K) I swapped- 2 Yoga Meltdown ~ I really wanted the stretch, and I did 1 Shred level 2
  3. Write 5 positive things about myself everyday this week, post the list in a visible place to keep me in a self-lovin’ kinda mood! This was hard, but I did it in my journal.  I need to do better at being vain 😉
  4. Use Sunday as a ‘family-only’ day: do something fun and new!! We built a chicken coop…well James and Eric did, Gavin and I observed!! 
  5. PLUS: Reached the goal that started this all- I ran my first 5k!!!

    Tricia's pics turned out better than mine...so I am doubling up on the promotion of my post 5K pics 😉

    Coming to the finish line…James running behind me cheering me on!!

    This one turned out better, too! Thanks, Tricia 🙂


Begin the 10K training programso I can really up my distance and keep pushing myself!!  BIG GOAL!!!!

Run 4 days this week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (short run for speed), Saturday (long run)

2 Yoga Meltdown, 2 Shred level 2: speaks for itself

Write the self-love notes– DISPLAY THEM!!

Organize our closets to prep for our pre-move yard sale!!!This is not something I am looking forward to!!

What are your goals this week?  Any goals that are bigger than usual??  How do you stick to them??


3 responses to “Weekly Goals March 7th-13th

  1. YOU had an awesome week!! Awesome job girl!!

  2. I love the idea of your self love notes! My goal for this week is to stay strong when parents call to complain about their kids’ team placements. 🙂 I also need to pack and get my booty on a plane!

  3. Just did the 30 day shred dvd for the first time ever today – holy cow! I could barely keep up with it – you’re already on level 2, nice 🙂 When is your 10K? I have 3 weeks to go and need to kick it into gear with the speed!

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