My First 5K!!!!

Today was the day!!  It is the reason I started this blog and the reason I made so many changes in my life!!  I was doubtful in the beginning of this plan, but I really just shut all of those negative tapes off FOR GOOD!!!

Ate my yummy toast, took my IBS meds, drank a l’il water and I am ready to get the gear on 🙂

Getting ready to go!!!

I was excited to have my Hub buy me two new running shirts and jacket last night, so I sported the green top (it is a St.Patty’s Day Run, after all)!  Chucked on the jacket (it was pretty chilly), my motivational Bondi Band, and the ‘ol I-Touch for my tunes…good to go!!!

And off I go!!!

I was happy to see Amy from WOOT with her Youth Sports Running Group, and I got to see Gavin’s teacher, Ana, who has been very motivating during this journey!!!  Tricia came out with her Hub, Darryl and their gorgeous daughter, Ruby!!!  It was Ruby’s first 5k run, too!!!

This family is just TOO gorgeous!!!

Of course, I wanted a photo-op with my running partner, so Darryl obliged and snapped a quickie!!

I don't even care that I look like a dork with my Bondi Band on, it kept me warm 🙂

We all went to the starting station, I synced my Nike+, got the music going…I started off with Sean Paul’s “Get Busy”, it may be 8 years old but that song always gets me moving!!  The run went really well.  I felt good, I was keeping a 9:40 pace the whole time, which was very good for me!!!  As soon as we hit the huge hill I just focused on looking straight ahead, making smaller strides but maintaining pace as best as I could.  I think it slowed me down a bit, but I did NOT stop!!!  When I got to the straight away I took about 30 seconds to go a bit slower so I could get some deep breaths and then I increased my speed!!  When I got to the entrance right before the finish mark there were my boys waiting proudly for me!!!  LOVED IT.  I slowed down a bit so James could run to the end with me!!!  He was so excited and I felt completely elated that I DID IT!!!!!  It was 5.18KM @ 31:52 = 9:54/mi 🙂

Tricia, Me and Ana!!

Me and my number one fans!!

It felt so great to have them there supporting me and giving me a good pat on the back!!!  James even said “running is my favorite sport” and that he wanted to run with us.  We figured, well why not??  We got a new pair of running shoes last night and  we signed up for the “Family Fun Run” on March 26th.  We are going to do the 1 miler with James (I am going to do the 5K), we got t-shirts for it and everything.  He is SOOOOO excited, he was practicing running on the track today and is really proud that we will all be wearing the same thing ~ like a team!!  I could never ask for a better team 🙂

The next event 🙂

So, I have to say I am super proud of myself for setting a goal and sticking to it even when there were really tough days and times that I felt like I was getting no where!!  I cannot wait to set more goals and reach new distances (literally).  I am going to do 3 miles as my regular runs and up my long runs.  I am going to soon start a 10K program and hope for the best since it will be during our travelling and moving to Germany!  Anything is possible- and I will make sure it gets done!!


10 responses to “My First 5K!!!!

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 The video was cool, it’s fun to see the nervousness & excitement before a race – and so awesome that you did the whole thing without stopping and had an excellent pace! The family running team is a great idea and kudos to you for getting your family pumped to run too 🙂 You pushed yourself hard, met all your goals and totally outdid yourself – way to go!!!

    • THANKS, KIM!!! So sweet, you made me blush and giggle 😉 I was glad I wasn’t at 11:00/mi, it was so rewarding to see I did it in under 10:00/mi!! Cannot wait for the family run, I know it is going to make James SO PROUD!!!

  2. Awww! I’m crying I’m so proud of you and your team xoxoxo

  3. Woohoo! You did awesome! I’ll let yup know as soon as I move the pics off my camera. Thanks for advertising our run!

  4. yayayayay!!! awesome job!! and that bondi band looks LEGIT!!! I want oneee!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I was thinking about you last night as I was going to bed and it was your saturday, thinking you were likely running your marathon! I’m very proud of you, and happy you made all of your goals. Keep up the good work!
    Love your “#2” fan! xoxoxo

    • Aww, Hunnies!!!! Thank you. I know you would have been cheering me on and making fun of my head band at the same time 🙂 Next I start training for a 10K…these goals are better, more fun, and healthier than the scale goal!! So glad I am werkin’ toward a better view of myself 🙂

  6. I sorry I am seeing this so late, I need to figure out how to get emails when you post to your blog! That hill is really hard and once you reach the top it’s even harder to maintain… so many people walk it. I always say it thins out the race and separates the people who really “want it” from the weak!

  7. CONGRATS ON AN AMAZING FIRST 5K! With a time like that, you are on to something here. You may just be a natural runner 😉

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