Stress is not an option…

So things are pretty hectic around these parts!  We are doing all of the paperwork for my green card (taking forever and we have been married 7 years), preparing to PCS to Germany, and organizing our travel between here, the States, and Europe!

This is about where I am at...but, I am keeping it together!!


I have found that running and focusing on my goals and races I am signing up for has really been helping me!  There are other things happening….such as, people  who only want drama and this is adding to my stress.  You know the kind of people I am talking about!!!  They cannot live without drama and conflict.  They cannot just live their lives unless there is something to complain about or someone to blame everything on.  Let’s just say I have been dealing with this situation for quite a while, and I am still as dumbfounded as ever as to what people actually gain by living this way!!


Get out of that line, PLEASE!!!

Why all of the complaining…seriously?  You are about to hear one of my favorite quotes (that I made up)…..”Look in the mirror before you look out the window“.  So basically, stop blaming everything on everyone else, look at how you are contributing to your problems!  We cannot change others, we can only change the way we deal with them….be the bigger person, be the bigger person, be the bigger person (If I say this enough, it helps me remain calm when confronted with ignorance).

Look at your own faults and errors before trying to blame others

 On a positive note (sorry but wanted to vent and just let off some steam), I got to have a nice little dinner out with my friend.  She has been helping me this week while Eric is on 8:30-8:30, so I wanted to treat her to whatever meal she wanted!  Keiko is a very smart lady because she chose the very thing I felt like eating….pizza!  I can eat it in moderation and make better choices, so I was ALL for it!!  We went to Shakey’s and ordered up some salad, pizza and fried potato (it was a set).  I split the personal pan size pizza with James, ate two of the fried potato slices, and devoured my yummy salad! 

Started off with a light salad

Then they brought out cinnamon buns….oh, the torture!!  I split a mini one with the Youngin’, he was loving them!!

The equally evil and delicious cinnamon buns

We ate the pizza before I took a pic, so this is of my friend’s (I had only cheese on mine

I knew I needed to fit in my Yoga Meltdown so I can get my 2 for this week, so when I got home I got the Youngin’ to take a nap and then busted out with Jillian…632 calories (or a bite of pizza 😉 ) was worked out of my system!!  After that it was time to relax, get the kids ready for bed, chat with the Hub for a bit when he got home and then take this picture of my arm….

The result of getting too many screenings for my guts. Hopefully next time they will aim better 😉

On the plus side, I can hardly see that underarm loose skin I used to have…firming up, baby!!!  Hopefully it will be a super Friday because I will finally get to hang out with my Hub 🙂  Leave the stress aside, enjoy the good, focus on the positive and keep on smiling!

How do you deal with impossible people?  What tricks do you use to keep calm in the face of ignorance?

have found that running and focusing on my goals and races I am signing up for has really been helping me!  There are other


5 responses to “Stress is not an option…

  1. Holy Moses! That’s a nasty looking bruise! I talked your hubby into getting you a small shirt because they run big, but if you want the medium instead we can exchange it.
    I hear you on people and drama! Drives me nuts!
    I’ll see you tomorrow at the 5k. You’re going to do great!

  2. Youchhh! Good luck tomorrow! 🙂

  3. WOW THAT BRUISE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! When it comes to impossible people…just kill them with kindness and don’t let it get to you!! Good luck tomorrow!

    • People are usually surprised with how I can drive pissy people crazy by just being so nice and not giving them the aggression they want! I save that for venting sessions and fuel for when I am running 😉 The bruise is a l’il nasty, happens way too often 😉

  4. I usually avoid people who create drama like the plague. and I can completely relate to the bruised arms. When I was prego and getting all my bloodwork done here that happened to me too.

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