Bondi Bands and Le Whif

Started the day with a very breezy, windy, and cold run at 4:45am.  I kept it small so I don’t tire myself out for the 5K on Saturday…

I did 1.62 miles at a 9:17/mi…..I could feel the difference when I was running, I knew I was going much faster than normal.  Not sure if it was to hurry up and get out of the wind that was trying to blow me backwards or what, but it felt great!

This is how it felt...except I did not have an umbrella, there wasn't snow, and I was running 😉

I was super happy that I got some speed in there, and I think I will be good for the 5K.  Next I will start making 3 miles my regular distance and work up to 4.5-5 miles this month for my long run.  I had the usual eats for the morning (again, a creature of habit) but this time I added the Chia Seeds to my overnight oats, it made them more filling!!  I really liked the difference and will be making them a new staple!  I also added some peanut flour…not sure if I use it the same as PB2…anyone know how much to use to make a nice l’il spat of buttah? 

A very yummy combination!!

I started the IBS meds today!  Those intestinal bacteria must have been insulted because they didn’t really bother me for the rest of the day!

What did I ever do to you? Oh yeah, I made your life miserable....

It was a super busy day and so when I got home all I really wanted was to come home and have some breakkie for dinner.  It was cold and gloomy outside, I was hoping to get some good eats before Yoga Meltdown so I set to work on dinner breakkie right away! I whipped up some Whole Grain Flax pancakes with 75% dark choco pieces, egg beaters, and two veggie links.  Very satisfying…I didn’t even feel hungry or ‘snacky’ for the rest of the night!

Pancakes are not burnt, that is dark chocolate!

The really exciting part of the day came when Eric got home from work early!!!  Gavin had been difficult so I couldn’t get my yoga done, so when 8:00 came I knew that I would do it tomorrow (swapping my days off from exercise).  Not only did the Hub come home early (30 minutes is a lot when you don’t see them all day) he had packages!!!  I got my Bondi Bands!!!!  Just in time to wear my mantra for the 5K:

Pretty much sums up my conversations with myself while running!

Then I got this second one to wear on my trail runs with WOOT!  I think it is pretty cute!!!

I think it is a pretty good slogan for the group 😉

I also got my little Valentine’s gift (it took forever to get here), it shows how much my Hub is in tune with me and my addictions (wanting chocolate without the calories)!  This is meant to be a joke, but I might have to give these a try!

Whiffable Chocolate Powder with 3 calories! So funny!!!

Oh the things people come up with to appease us chocoholics!!!  Overall, it was a pretty chill night with goodies and fun with the fam!  Now I am off to bed to read for a bit before drifting into la la land!!  Here’s hoping for a great Thursday!!!

What cool new things have you seen or tried?  Do you repeat mantras or mentally motivate yourself while working out?  What is your comfort food?


4 responses to “Bondi Bands and Le Whif

  1. ❤ those Bondi bands! Good luck at your 5k 🙂

  2. I really like the Bondi Bands too! Those are cute but now that all my hair is chopped it might be a while before I am in the market for some hair accessories!

  3. good job on your run!! if you want peanut flour to be pasty just add some milk or water, some salt and a little sweetener!

  4. I think we are the same person Amanda! I order from nuts online too and love the chia seeds! Maybe I’ll have to try the peanut flour! Yummy.

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