Fast(er) 2 Miler-Monday….and Gut Screening Tuesday!

Busy two days in Groff’s Girl World!!  I started off my weekly goals yesterday with my morning 2 miler….usually an 11:00/mi, this time it was 9:58/mile!!!  Now that is how you start a Monday!!!

May not be that speedy, but I am getting there and proud of it!!!

I was pretty happy when I touched that screen and heard (using my Hub’s Nike+) “Distance: 2.04 miles, Pace: 9:58 minute mile”.  I was so happy because I did not stop, I chugged my camel pak, and I just focused on getting my 2 miles in…even though it was in the dark 😉  Happy, happy!!

Hooray! May I also direct your attention to the time I started the workout...yes, I was up from 3:45am with the Youngin' and STILL went for my run!!

The guts were hurting a bit and so I was not really getting the full enjoyment of all my yummy food!  My Overnight Oats were extra amazing, but I didn’t feel great afterwards…

Even though it was a rough morning, can we still be BFF??

I had some amazing chicken, carrots and quinoa for lunch (which tasted great, but I want to add some flava to the quinoa next time) and then I felt worse….pourquoi???  This has been an on-going issue for as long as I can remember!  My guts are horrific, they are not friendly to me, and I think they are seriously out to get me!  They flare up and talk about me behind my back cause me a lot of pain and discomfort…not to mention, frustration!

EXACTLY!!!! (source)

I tried not to focus on it, and basically just stopped eating for the rest of the day….until I got home and had a furious and passionate encounter with a box of Total Raisin Bran…my thoughts: Fiber + a TON of water = happy belly(?)  The answer to that, my friends, is NO!!!

Ate 1 1/4cup dry....eliminating milk for the time being and didn't feel like mixing it with soy...

So I spent the evening, twisting, turning, massaging, and curling up into the fetal position in hopes of feeling better in the morning…so here we go onto Tuesday (today) and my verdict would have to be:


I woke up in some serious pain!  I felt like I had about 3 bowling balls in my guts, and I knew I had not eaten nearly enough food yesterday to be making me feel this ‘full’.  I called the doctor and got an afternoon appointment (in hopes that they would finally take me seriously after 6 years of complaining about the same thing).  I went to work and did the best I could while I was there.  My students were teasing me and asking why “Sugar-Off Groff’s belly hurt if she never eats bad food?”  I only wish I could have an answer to that age-old question 😉  Either way, I was able to go to the hospital and got a doctor whose husband has the exact same problem as me!!

I was feeling like this guy!! (source)

So….long story short, I got a ton of blood drawn for screenings, celiac disease testing, intestinal bacteria testing, and something else.  I got a stomach X-Ray, Saline (put somewhere I will not mention) and medication for IBS to help with the pain and discomfort until we get more results back.  Needless to say, this evening I am 3 pounds lighter than I was this morning, and the pain is gone (even though I am a bit ‘icky’ feeling).

My guts are now happy (for the time being...the whole '5 second' time being....but, I'll take it!!!!) (source)

With a little extra pep in my step (remember, I just lost 3 pounds 😉 ) I checked the mail and got: my Nuts Online order!!!  Hooray!!  2 pounds of peanut flour, and 1 pound of chia seeds!  Guess what is getting thrown into my ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ overnight oats tonight!!????

Cannot wait to reap the benefits from my ch-ch-ch-chia seeds!!

Then I got to spend a l’il bit of time with the Hub (he is working 8:30-8:30 so I see him 30 minutes a day).  We had to get my meds and he then surprised me by getting me my very own Nike+ for my shoes/IPod!!!  Now when I go running tomorrow I will be able to start logging and tracking (when I did it yesterday it gave me all of his info)!!  I am so excited about that!!  I also may have had two ten chocolate mini eggs to get me extra super happy, but hey, it was a rough day and to be honest I stopped on my own because I simply didn’t want anymore….BONUS!!!  To top off this evening, I decided to stick with my goals and stick with what makes me feel better….exercise!  SOOOOO, I did my first Shred Level 2 workout!!  HOLY LORDY!!!  That was a l’il bit tough.  I would be lying if I said my arms were making all of those ‘V Raises’ in the last circuit!!  Love the new work-out and enjoy the fast pace, will love the results even more!!!

Werk it out gurl!!!!!  (source)

Werk it out gurl!!!!! (source)

All in all, what started out as a crappy (pun intended) day, turned out pretty well!  As I said in my goals, the key is persistence and patience.  I was not going to sit back and whine about my guts, or the fact that my right arm is killing me (tetanus, MMR shot, and huge air bubble in the vein from my blood work) or even the fact that I am just sluggish from feeling so messed up.  I knew none of those things would change my situation, or make me feel as good as working up a sweat would!  I know that working out and seeing that 504 calorie burn after 26 minutes really did change my view of the day (okay, and maybe my peanut flour, chia seeds and Nike+)!  Just wanting to point out that before: I would have eaten a BAG of mini eggs, laid on the sofa and complained!  I am just so glad I know better now and am more inclined to lean in the healthier direction!

Keep the focus in the right place!

 Do you have any health/belly troubles?  How do you cope with days when you are feeling under the weather?  What cheers you up when you are feeling down?

4 responses to “Fast(er) 2 Miler-Monday….and Gut Screening Tuesday!

  1. No belly issues for me! (Knock on wood..)When I’m feeling under the weather usually working out and then watching my fav tv shows makes me feel better. I love just snuggling in a warm blanket and completely bumming out.

  2. Going for a walk around the neighborhood helps me, even if it’s at a snail’s pace. BTW you are getting FAST!!! Under a 10 minute mile, you’re gonna kill that 5K! 🙂

  3. Yum! Let me know how you like your peanut flour. I’ve been meaning to try some for a while now…

    That’s so great you’re a mom! I hope to be one too someday, if God allows, that is :D.

  4. Omgosh! I have so much trouble w. my GI system! Somedays – everything makes me gassy or gives me heart burn. I can’t eat anything with onions in it or green peppers. It’s so sad too because I’ll admit – onions (all shapes and sizes) make lots of dishes taste better! I feel for ya! Having stomach issues is no fun.

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