The Weekly Goals Feb 28- Mar 6

So as I posted yesterday, I met all of my goals.  I am super happy because I not only met them, but I also met a distance goals that has been really haunting me!!  It was a very exciting week for me 🙂  So let’s break it down…


1.  Run Mon, Wed, Saturday: Wake up early and run 2 miles before work on Monday, Run the 5K course with the Hub on Wednesday (as best as I can), run the 5K seawall run with Tricia on Saturday! Changed the Saturday running day due to Hub having to work.  Ran the 5K route (the dehydration day), did my Monday early 2 miles, ran an extra 2 miles on Friday, and then did 5K with Tricia on Sunday at the seawall!! 

2.  The Shred 3 days, Yoga Meltdown 2 days- Did the Shred 2 times and Yoga Meltdown two times.  I skipped the second Shred in order to do a 4th run for the week

 3.  Try a new food that I wouldn’t have tried before, or a new recipe to incorporate into my growing recipe book of ‘new finds’.  Got and made Quinoa for the first time!!  Very tasty!!  Also made a better batch of guacamole, and a new variety of date balls with prunes (never had them before) 

4.  Get a new food processor so I can make my yummy treats without having a near explosion: The other one has been spitting out stuff, refusing to process my dates, and is just being all around miserable to me!! Got my Magic Bullet, and LOVE it!!  I still use the processor to finish off the date balls, but I was able to make my guacamole so much faster 🙂


  1. Run 2 miles on Monday and on Wednesday to prep for the 5K run on Saturday (Woo Hoo!!!)
  2. Do the Shred 2 times and Yoga Meltdown 1 time (go for two if feeling up for it without tiring for the 5K)
  3. Write 5 positive things about myself everyday this week, post the list in a visible place to keep me in a self-lovin’ kinda mood!
  4. Use Sunday as a ‘family-only’ day: do something fun and new!!


What are your weekly goals?  Did you make them last week?  Did you meet your goals from last week?



3 responses to “The Weekly Goals Feb 28- Mar 6

  1. Look like great goals! I really love the self-love ones. 🙂

    • Gotta make them every week…it is honestly how I press so hard and feel good about all I am doing and achieving! Even little goals that get checked off get my giddy…love having a sense of accomplishment 😉

  2. Is the Shred a full-body workout or is it targeted for abs, legs, something else? I’ve seen a couple of girls with that DVD and didn’t know what it was. I’m looking for a full-body workout and thinking about the Insanity set but it’s $$$! Good luck this week!

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