Hooray for meeting ALL of my goals AND my distance goal!!

This was a great Sunday!!  I am excited about meeting my goals and seeing how far I have come in my quest to a happier and healthier lifestyle!!


I am a list maker, a goal setter, and I really do live by my lists.  I would be lying if I said I did not have little panic attacks when these lists are not completed!  Blame it on being raised by a man who made lists for everything and always had a carbon copy back-up…just in case!  Setting these weekly goals, helps me keep my eye on the overall goal of what I am aiming for: to be happy, healthy, and confident.  Is there an end to this journey where all of a sudden I just stop and say, “Okay, that is done…now what?”  NO, this will always be my journey and it will always be my end goal…the rest is just the little bits of changes I can make to be the best version of ‘me’ possible!  Everything we do, say, don’t do, or don’t say is a step either toward our goal or away from it.  I am must trying to be sure I am on the path that is going TOWARD my goal!


Today was a day that I really kept that in mind and set that focus into high gear!!  It started with my early run with my partner in crime, Tricia!  We couldn’t meet yesterday with WOOT, so we set up to go on our own to tackle the seawall instead of the trails!  It made me smile when the first question we asked before starting was “What are your goals for today?”  I said that I just simply wanted to go without stopping until I hit my 3 miles.  (Also, I did not want to pass out so I made sure to have that Camel Pak attached to me).  It was cloudy, but nice out and I was happy to be wearing my Nike Frees since the Asics are literally tiring me out (they are making my feet/legs go completely numb). 

The seawall!

We chit chatted and talked about our passing out experiences while running, exercising or doing some sort of training around others.  Good stories, now that they are in the past 😉

Despite the expression, I am not irritated! I am super happy because I just ran for the longest time/distance yet...no stopping!!!! Just shy of 3 miles when we opted for a quick photo!

I was super stoked and  was happy to keep going to get to the 3.2 mile point.  I ran a whole mile longer than I have ever been able to run (straight) before!!!  I am serious when I say I was focused, there was no reason on earth I could not do that if I just kept my mind on that ‘goal ladder”!

A little bit windy, a whole lot sweaty, and a whole lot more HAPPY! Taking a victory chug from the camel pak!

We talked sneaks some more, and I got to meet Tricia’s husband and amazingly beautiful daughter!!  I saw the picture of them finishing the NYC 2010 marathon hand in hand 5 months after their daughter was born…seriously, AMAZING!!!  As soon as I got home my Hub had to go to work, so it was time to clean, do some laundry, chill with my baby boys and catch some UFC.  I did not do pancakes because it is not the same when I am sitting here by myself…so I had an apple with PB2…good enough 🙂  I then ventured out to the grocery store to grab a few essentials for the week and a huge stash of goodies for the PTO, and then came home for some cooking time.  I had Tofu Pudding, veggies, quinoa, chicken and dinner for Jamsie to prepare.  I loved how Eric cooked up the chicken and carrots this past week so I copied because I am a copy cat and a creature of habit.  If something tastes good, I will eat it over and over again until I tire of it….so in went the carrots!

A l'il garlic and a l'il buttah spray...

Add the tenderized chicken rubbed down with citrus basil seasoning...and simmer

Next, I grabbed my new food item of the week…quinoa 🙂

Not sure if it is always 'whole grain' but that is what I got!

I did not add anything to it because I wanted to taste it as is first to see if I like it.  I did a little taste test and I do like it 🙂  Now I am going to look for fun ways to spice it up and add it to recipes!!!  So glad I decided to try something new this week!!  After all of this excitement I decided to do my Yoga Meltdown workout!  Whew!!  That brought my daily calorie burn to 1218!!!!  Not too shabby for a Sunday 😉  That meant I met all of my goals this week, and it made me feel really proud.  When I was debating whether or not to do the yoga, I thought of my goal list, and knew that I would rather say I did it (plus have the awesome stretched out feeling that comes with it) than to say I didn’t bother…for no reason and with no valid excuse!  Yay, me!! 


So now, after getting lunch packed, cleaning house, feeding the boys and getting the Youngin’ to bed, I am going to relax 😉  Time to get James off to bed and then lay on the sofa to watch Gladiator while I wait for the Hub to get home from work.  I plan on being in bed by 9pm because I have another plan that includes waking up at 4:45am to go run before the rest of the house wakes up 🙂  Happy Sunday!!!

How do you remind yourself to stay on track with your goals?  How do you celebrate your achievements?


2 responses to “Hooray for meeting ALL of my goals AND my distance goal!!

  1. Awesome post! Your dinner looks great. I really want to try quinoa but I am an awful cook and have NO clue how to prepare it!

  2. WOW you got such a great workout!!!! and congrats on all your achievements 😀 … i love quinoa- i think its always wholegrain? but hmm maybe not!

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