Dark Chocolate Cherry Date Balls and Obbligatos

Saturday was a day for being a super busy mom, making some new date balls, having a playdate, enjoying some treats and indulgent Mexican food (which I never eat) and having a movie night with the Hub…



This whole post keeps getting deleted and I am not sure what is going on, but this is my third time writing…grrr!  Now it is quick and easy!  Started the morning with the Shred followed by a yummy and satisfying breakfast for one (Eric is working all weekend and 12’s all week, the story of our lives here on Oki)

GF pancakes with berries, bananas and dark choco, egg beater omelet and a bowl of fruit

We went to James’ last football game (pics hopefully coming from another mom, since my camera died).  He did a great job!  He told me he wants to play basketball next!!  So glad he is happy to be active and I am sure that he gets a lot of that from seeing his mommy and daddy maintain an active lifestyle.  He is our number one fan, and we are his!!  Next we went bowling with some friends, and had a great time!  James loves playing with these lovely little ladies, they have been around for a while and I know it will be hard when we are gone and he doesn’t get to see them anymore!  It is part of being a military family…you are always saying goodbye to someone who has been your support and second family while you are so far from home!

Gavin (the Youngin') with some Canadian Biscuit excitement!

James and Annabelle

L'il Austin


The kids did their bowling while the mama’s did their positive conversing venting and catching up!  There may have been a few numerous fries eaten (which has been a very long time for me)!  We then ventured home to decide what to do for dinner….and also for me to make my new date balls and second attempt at guacamole!  Both turned out awesome!

Dark Chocolate Cherry Date Balls

Makes 18 balls (I made 12 balls and 2 bars)

  • 3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean
  • 2 Tbsp slivered almonds
  • 5oz dates
  • 2 oz Cherry flavored Dried Plums
  • 1Tbsp unsweetened Cocoa
  • 1 oz dark chocolate
  • 1 Tbsp chocolate PB2 (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp Vanilla

Blend the dry ingredients together, getting them into a powder like consistency.  I used my new “magic bullet” thing.

I added the cocoa after I blended the Go Lean and Almonds

Process the dates, dried plums, and vanilla seperatly until they are crumbly

They are ready to go!

I tried to mix the dry with the wet and then blend them all together with the bullet, but that was not happening, so I whipped out my half-dead food processor.  It was happy it didn’t have to chop whole almond or tough dates!!

Ready to be balled up!

I whipped out the dark chocolate and then chopped it up into chunks so I could add it to the balls and bars….this chocolate is so yummy and rich!!

Love, love love!!

It was so hard not to just munch this all up!

I rolled a couple of balls in the PB2 powder for a nice mixed up taste…it was really good!  All in all I was able to make 12 balls (Tbsp sized) and 2 bars (the bars are the same amount as 3 balls).  They turned out great!!!

Rolled in PB2

Done and done!

Next I made up the guacamole…for some reason my pictures did not turn out (I really want a  new camera)!  The taste test made me randomly crave Mexican food….those who know me, know that I cannot eat spicy food.  It literally rips my guts apart, but this guacamole had me in a rare state and so we decided to go to ‘Obbligatos’ a Mexican restaurant out here!

We wanted to get some of their homemade nachos (made from their homemade tortillas)…so amazing!!!  I ordered the guacamole, but I think mine was better because I like the twist of cilantro I add 🙂  Either way, this place is still VERY yummy!

Sooooo good!!

 I ordered the taco meal (I was REALLY feeling brave).  It came with 3 tacos, spanish rice, chili and a salad.  I knew I would not be touching the chili, but that is okay!

"This is going to kill me later" At least I only ate half!

The boys were all happy they got their tortillas and made sure to fill their bellies!  Even Gavin got in on the tortilla action!!

My lovely boys!!!

After this we all came home (I was ready to self-implode) to relax and enjoy our Saturday night!  Eric and I watched “Jonah Hex” while I forced myself to stay awake on the sofa!  I chugged as much water as I could because I knew I would be hurting for the early morning run if I was full of sodium 😉  So, off to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be a great run….aiming for the full 3 miles with no stopping (have only done 2 straight so far)!  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday night!!!

What indulgences do you enjoy even though you know you will pay for it later?  How do you like to spend time with your family?


2 responses to “Dark Chocolate Cherry Date Balls and Obbligatos

  1. Those dark chocolate cherry date balls look amazeballs!! I am DEF going to try them!

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