Goal Weight, Double up with Jillian, and Dehydration…

This is a combined post for Tuesday and Wednesday!  A few little updates, rants, and what-nots…

So Tuesday was a really good day (again, no sarcasm)!  The day started off well ( I reached my WW goal…but my personal goal is to get off another  pounds)!  I was so excited despite the Youngin’ having another rough night…I swear there are times I think my kids want to test me to see when I will just pass out from exhaustion!  How are they not more tired…or atleast a little tired, at the end of the day?

image from source

Either way, I am hanging in there!  I got home from work and went right upstairs for my double date with Jillian Michaels…double, meaning double workout!  Oh, yes…I am tackling The Shred and Yoga Meltdown again!!  A very sweaty and exhausting hour later I was able to get dispose of 1038 calories!  Whew!!!  Off  to football practice with the family!  All went well, except James kept running away from the field instead on ONTO the field with the ball….six 5 years olds coming at you can be intimidating!!   Afterwards, we hit up the military Exchange for a couple of items including a ‘Magic Bullet’ style mixer for me…(Reached my goal 😉 )

Hooray, it chops nuts!!

Cannot wait to use this!!! Finally my 'butters' will actually be 'butters'

I will be trying this baby out REAL soon!!!  The night ended with my attempting to get a whole grain 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sub from Subway, but they were out of wheat so I opted out.   I made a PB and banana toasted sandwich when I got home, instead 🙂

Wednesday was going to be a busy day, stuff at my son’s school, appointments, my 5K route run with the Hub, grocery shopping, and prep for a Japanese Physical on Thursday afternoon (the fun part of getting that Green Card).  The day started off well enough:

A little tired and a little bummed that an unpaid day off is going to be SO busy!

The school/PTO stuff went well (I am the PTO president for my son’s school…one more way to be busy 😉 ).  I got finished with his school stuff, arranging the move to Germany with his school records etc and then went right home for the run.  I was a little nervous because I was feeling extremely sluggish and tired (both mind and body).  I tried to fuel up with 1/2 a pita and 1TB PB2….however, I made the mistake of not bringing water.  Didn’t I read my own post yesterday??   NEVER go for a run without water!!!!!  Well, that completely backfired in my face!!  1 mile in, I started to get dizzy….I walked for about 15 seconds, and then started running again…made it another 1/2 mile and then saw stars….no, it wasn’t night, I was on the verge of passing out.  That is when a very fun panic/exhaustion/dehydration attack ensued!  I started shaking, crying a little, I couldn’t stand up and I felt like a wuss.

I need to repeat this mantra!!!

I got my composure and then started up again.  I felt better, the crazy (self) heat-wave seemed to have passed.  It was a down hill slope so I was taking it easy and just focusing on my breath.  I knew that once I got to the bottom there was a bit of a flat area before hitting the gigantic hill.  I wanted to get to the light (before the hill) take some breaths and 1 minute of walking, then tackle the hill.  Another fail…I got to the straight away (about 1 mile or so from the near passing out incident) and then it happened again.  I stumbled when I tried to get back up on the sidewalk, called out to Eric and felt my knees completely buckle.  He tried to motivate me to just jog and keep going but I had that crazy wave of heat, and then an insane headache that just came THROBBING!  I walked about 2 minutes and then started running again…I barely made it 30 seconds on the hill and knew that enough was enough.  Shaking, frustrated, dizzy, and (clearly) dehydrated I walked that hill trying not to think that this was how my actual 5k would end up.  The 5K time was 36:37 total.  I am going to re-calculate my calories intake vs. outtake and reassess what I am lacking (besides water, which I normally drink 11-13 glasses of everyday).  Either way, lesson learned…cannot beat myself up about the bad run!

I guess not that bad since I normally average about 10:59/mile

I was looking a lot better when the day started 😉

I am going to re-calculate my calories intake vs. outtake and reassess what I am lacking (besides water, which I normally drink 11-13 glasses of everyday).  Either way, lesson learned…cannot beat myself up about the bad run!  The rest of the day I was hurting pretty bad.  I kept getting dizzy, I felt shaky and weak, and I had  a bit of a temperature.  I still ventured to the grocery store to get some goods, and was happy to meet another goal of : trying new things!!

New dates, first time with prunes, apricots and then some staples (dates, almonds)

I have never tried prunes, but I thought that cherry and orange flavored ones would be great made into bars!!  ( I also got quinoa to try on Friday)!

These actually look really good to me!

Since I was so miserable I worked on homework with James (instead of making food for lunch tomorrow) and then got the Youngin’ ready for bed.  To my surprise, Eric was busy in the kitchen making me something amazing for my lunch!!

Spinach, tomato, garlic, and pepper rolled up in chicken!!!

He cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed everything, and just let me doze off with the Youngin!!!  What a guy!!  I went up to bed (at 7:45pm) and that is right when the Youngin’ woke up fussing.  I tried to get him back to sleep, but then Eric came to the rescue for me and then spent an hour getting him back to sleep (LOVE my helpful husband)!!!  Thank goodness the day is over and I can start fresh tomorrow….I will drink EXTRA water and be sure to give my body a rest!!!

Have you ever had a dehydration ‘experience’ while running?  What dried fruit do you like to use and how do you use it?


5 responses to “Goal Weight, Double up with Jillian, and Dehydration…

  1. Congrats on making your WW goal!! That chicken roll up looks delish!

  2. Ooooh a quinoa newbie?? You’re gonna love it! Try it mixed with melted cheese and cashews 🙂 That’s not a bad time for your run, especially after doing Jillian’s DVD!

  3. Oh, yes, I do have the ultimate dehaydration “experience” when running! I ran the Disney 1/2 Marathon using hubby’s bib (since he deployed to Afghanistan the week before). Not smart since 1) I was discharged from a 4 day hospital stay (my fertility stuff which included dehydration!) 2) I hadn’t ran a few weeks due to my illness…hey, I did WALK 5 miles the day before! 3) Ran on a whim…was just picking up my hubby’s bib & decided during the expo to Just Do It! 4) Did not hydrate during the week for the race. But, I am stubborn and I just wanted to do it. The medal was so awesome! Also, I told myself that I would walk when I felt like it! But, I like to push myself..so, to make a long story short, I found my self in the bushes after mile 11! I woke up to people holding my legs up in the air and scratches all over! How embarassing!! Anyways, I walked the rest of the way and still managed to beat my past 1/2 marathon time! It’s a great story…will fill ya in on Sat! So…..HYDRATE!!!! BEFORE the run! 🙂

    oh, yeah….did you get the quinoa at the commissary?

    • OH MY LORD!!! Woman, you are seriously hard core!! I cannot imagine attempting that, even if I had been running…the hospital stuff would have been enough to slow this girl down 😉 This happened to me when I used to do biking for charity, etc…you would think I’d learn! You have to give me the rest of the story tomorrow!!! I got the quinoa from the baking section at the commissary…about $8 a bag, but I will treasure it dearly 😉 Made new date bars last night with the cherry prunes and slivered almonds, cocoa, dates, and crushed Go Lean….just ate one, so yummy and fruity!! Could be good for me or very dangerous 😉

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