The Weekly Goals Feb 21-27

I totally kicked last week’s goals in the butt; I reached ALL of them with flying colors!!!

Here are the details:

1.  Run 3 days: Tue, Thur, Sat.  Do 2 miles each on Tue and Thur with the Hub at the loop near our house.  NO TREADMILL, unless the weather is really rainy.  Sat- aim for 4 miles on the trail run…include road if needed in order to get those 4 miles in!!  Done!!!  With 5 miles on Saturday!!

2.  Enjoy treats on Valentines with students and my 3 gorgeous boys without guilt or punishing thoughts!  Save room for some goodies, and then eat normal the rest of the day!! Do the Shred V-Day evening and a possible mile with the dog.  DONE!!!!!!  Enjoyed some sweets and busted out extra work after the Shred!!!

3.  Do the Shred at least 3 times…I am not promising Yoga this week since I have not followed through…I am just really loving the Shred.  Okay, I will say 30 min of yoga ONCE this week…that is NOT hard to attain!! DONE!!!  I doubled up the Shred and Yoga on Sunday for a 1175 calorie burn!!!

4.  Go on a date with the hub!!  We are already agreeing to run together Tue and Thur, which I am sooooo excited about!!!!  However, we need some alone time so, I have a friend who has a great sitter and I am going to try to book her for Friday night…here’s hoping I can get her!!!!  Not done out of the house, but we made sure to watch a movie together and hang out/relax together Sunday night!!!

5.  Enjoy and accept all success and set-backs: I cannot beat myself up over a bad run, like I did last week.  I should not need someone else to tell me it is okay, I should  already know that!!!  Be confident and proud that I am out there doing my best and have not missed a run, a workout (usually just swap them out) and I have really made some great changes!!  Learn to self-reward with positivity and OWN the improvements I have been making!!  SO DONE!!  I did so well this week, proud of my achievements and new milestones!  I even weighed in and reached my WW goal weight (now I want to shed about another 4 pounds and then I am done)!!  I slept better this week and tried lots of new things!!  SUCCESS!


1.  Run Mon, Wed, Saturday: Wake up early and run 2 miles before work on Monday, Run the 5K course with the Hub on Wednesday (as best as I can), run the 5K seawall run with Tricia on Saturday!

2.  The Shred 3 days, Yoga Meltdown 2 days- Enough said 😉

3.  Try a new food that I wouldn’t have tried before, or a new recipe to incorporate into my growing recipe book of ‘new finds’.  Try to make 2 new meals or snacks, and try to make hummus.

4.  Get a new food processor so I can make my yummy treats without having a near explosion: The other one has been spitting out stuff, refusing to process my dates, and is just being all around miserable to me!!

So there you have my goals for this week!!!  What goals are you setting?  Making them a week at a time makes it more attainable AND it makes Monday very rewarding when you get to check off all of the great things you accomplished!!  GO MAKE SOME GOALS!! 🙂


3 responses to “The Weekly Goals Feb 21-27

  1. I like how you keep track of your weekly goals and check them off – you’re so organized! So glad I found your blog, it’s refreshing to find another person who is in the same spot as me with running and has similar taste in food!

    • THANK YOU!! I have such a hectic schedule that I need to be on top of things. I get weighed down by big goals, so I found that breaking them into smaller ones makes me feel more confident and proud of what changes I am making :):) Have you tried any new recipes lately…I need a new one 😉

  2. GREAT JOB ON YOUR GOALS!! and YES make homemade hummus is SO SO EAsyand much better for you …i make a double batch every week!

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