A change of pace and time of day…

So my goal was to run Monday morning – the boys were all off and got to stay home so I only had myself to get ready- so might as well use the free time at 4:45am!!

I headed out the door to the loop by my house…I am not joking when I say it is located right behind a donut shop…who does that????

Don't worry, I don't go in...I just inhale every ounce of aroma possible 😉

I struggled a bit last week to run the hilly 2 miles straight…this week I am going to improve as much as I can.  I did the 2 miles in 22:03, with one little 30 second walking break.  That means I cut my time and increased my ability to run it without more than one little speed walk break 🙂 PLEASE, let me NEVER go running at 5am, when it is humid, with no water.  I thought I was going to start spitting sand my mouth was so dry.  The point that I walked was leading to the down-hill part, I just COULD NOT breath without feeling like I had a blow dryer in my mouth (I made sure to get Eric to assemble my new Camel Pak so I don’t have this issue again)!

Chug, chug, chug!

It was really weird running, in the dark, on a weekday morning, then not having to get the Youngin’ ready…pretty relaxing!!  A taste of what is to come when I get to Germany, perhaps!!  I had my amazing Mahi Mahi with guacamole for lunch…it was so good even the second day around!!  The hub made a Cornish hen for dinner…had some kick to it, but was so delicious!  I am a girl who loves chicken!!!  I made up another batch of Tofu pudding, and then made some more Fudgie Friends- I made them into bars this time, and added PB2 powder…..SO GOOD!!!!!  I could eat the whole batch in one sitting!!

Put the date bars DOWN!!!

I felt like I was being lazy since I did not exercise at night, it threw me for a bit of a loop!  Tomorrow is double up Tuesday (Shred and Yoga Meltdown) it is rough at the time, but feels SO good afterwards!!  I am already looking forward to my yummy date bars, new flava tofu pudding (coconut, chocolate peanut), and perhaps a peanut flour + Chia Seeds purchase…I addicted to buying pantry items on-line 😉

Found a great place for both items I want to buy!

What are your ‘always need to have on hand’ flavors?  Do you have one item every single day and never tire of it? Mine are: tofu pudding, fudgie friends, and apples!


5 responses to “A change of pace and time of day…

  1. You’re so awesome Amanda! I keep making excuses about why I don’t exercise, but let’s just face facts…I’m lazy, period. But your blog has definitely got me a little more motivated to start working out…but not at 5:00 am! Lol

  2. OK now I’m definitely making the fudge balls! I love Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes 🙂 For yoru run, your time is really impressive b/c I can’t run that fast on a flat paved surface, and you did that on a crazy island trail!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

    I’m doing C25K too! I love it so far. I just did my 2nd day of Week 4 in fact. It really is great.

    And that donut shop would call to me too. Way to stay motivated and away from the alluring smell.

    • LOVE your blog, need to take a good while to go through it all!!! I think I pushed myself through C25K too quickly, now I am paying for it…but as soon as I do this 5K next weekend, I am going to take it slow and easy again (I did the program in 4 weeks…skipping the first 3 and the last 2…jumped ahead too quickly)! I have a 10 month old, so know all about body after baby 😉 I avoid those donuts so it distracts from the hills 😉

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